'76 Julius Erving diamond card
97 Overall
  • 93 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 91 DEF
  • 88 REB

Total Package, can do it all.

Written by djeffectz

If you're wondering how I got this card, I pulled 2 Diamond Kobe and 5 Amt Kobe, sold them all and went for Erving, he's great in every areas, middy, 3pt, dunking and most important defense!!! I put a diamond on him that gives him 99 onball 99 Lat and all that. He's a James at PG stopper, he's super hard to get passed by.... I went from a avg 2k player to someone whoes going on 10-15 game winning steak cause of this dude...

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Bought for: Over a million (completed Historic Eastern Conf)


  • Everything, can play PG/SG/PF


  • the only weakness that I see is sometimes he doesn't dunk, he goes for layup which results in a lot of and 1's which I can't complain... He go into a weird animation that draws a foul everytime, never get blocked.

Recommended Strategy: I'm not a cheeser, I'm very sim so I call plays for this beast

Use if: If you want to win

Don't use if: " If you want to lose

Bottom Line: Probably an end game player for me, will be in my starting lineup for the rest of the year, I'm glad that I sold both of 2 diamond Kobe as I will be completing the Western Historic conf for Dirk and will be also getting Oscar... Cant wait!

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    Hey so I been asking hella people; who should I go for--
    Julius or Diamond Kobe?
    Im only 8 or 9 historic east cards away from Julius/probably another 200K depending how well I can snipe.

    Do u think I should sell off all the cards and get Diamond Kobe on AH or keep grinding and get Julius??

    Appreciate the solid review btw!


    go for Kobe first cause Dj. J will be there forever while Kobe will be in packs limited time..... The historic cards might go up after Kobe will be out of packs, who knows... I play vs kobe a lot and Erving shuts him down everytime and Kobe can't stop Erving... But I guess I play Vs people that doesn't know how to use Kobe, but IMO, Erving is a better all around player.