'98 Mario Elie sapphire card
85 Overall
  • 80 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 75 PLY
  • 77 ATH
  • 76 DEF
  • 49 REB

Budget Baller

Written by warp

So, I picked up this Mario Elie, and this card is a budget baller. I put him in another lineup and he dropped 38 points. I was like, man this guy might make my team. So I tried a few more games with this card, and every game he played, he always dropped 30+ points. I didn't know who to replace with him though. So, I was like who should I replace him with. And then I was like, I'm going to sell my ruby Oladipo for 25k. And run Elie off the bench. And guess, what? Elie led the team and got me to the amethyst league.

Bought for: 1,900 MT


  • Inside scoring: Great scorer in the paint. Because I know I always start with Elie at the three-point line, I isolate with Elie, and Elie goes into the paint, and I do a behind the back, and then because I see a double team coming to Mario Elie, Elie, passes the ball to my point guard, who takes the shot, misses, and my diamond Alonzo grabs the board, passes the ball to Elie, and Elie lays it up and in, and gets fouled, and makes the free throw.
  • Outside scoring: I was basically shooting mid-ranges and three-pointers with this card. Elie has the ball in his hands, and then does one cross, literally getting the defender to freeze, and then takes one step to the left, and pops the three, and the defender fouls Elie in mid-air, and Elie gets the shot to fall and makes the free throw.
  • Playmaking: Mario is a good playmaker. So, Mario, first pump fakes, drives to the free throw line, and finds my point guard for a mid-range, and gets the assist. Or, Mario is at the three-point line, and then he throws the lob from the free throw line, and Alonzo catches the lob and throws it down, getting the three-point play.
  • Defending: Ok, I know Mario isn't a great defender, but he came up clutch. Elie was on the amethyst Mcgrady, which got me a little nervous because we were only up by one with 10.5 seconds remaining, and Mcgrady was about to pass but took the shot, and even though he has a 32 block, he blocks the shot and dribbling down the court, and game over.
  • Athleticism: Mario never got tired when I played him. Even when he was starting to lose stamina, he hung in there. Elie was basically never tired. He would still score the board, and even though he wasn't fast, he would still get to the three-point line before anyone. And my players would pass the ball to Elie in the corner, and he would get a green release and knock down the shot. And his release is money. Yes, his release is money.


  • Rebounding: Mario couldn't rebound. He's like Isaiah Thomas. When he's close to the basket, he tries to jump and grab the board, but the fact is, that he's only 6'5 and he's a shooting guard. And when he did jump high enough to grab the board, the ball is already on the ground, And Elie wouldn't pick it up, causing my opponent to get the ball and just score.

Recommended Strategy: "I use a nice strategy with Elie. I know Elie is a nice mid-range and three-point shooter, so I first pass it to my center, so all the defenders go to my center, and then my center passes it to Elie, who is wide open for three, and a perfect release, green release, and knocks down the shot, getting it to drop."

Other Comments: (optional) "I run him at shooting guard because he can shoot the mid-range and threes."

Use if: "You want a budget baller that can shoot."

Don't use if: "You need a budget baller that can rebound better and play defense better"

Bottom Line: "100% Budget Baller."

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