Stephen Curry amethyst card
93 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 88 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 50 REB

Chef Curry

Written by warp

_*Ok, so I'm editing this Stephen Curry review because all you guys say is negative comments. I don't care if you say trash sht about me every single time. You're like, hey everyone, this is a fake review, oh this guy is a 10-year-old, which I am, and he gets his computer taken away by his pictures. You can throw all that trash-talking at me, but I do have this Curry. So I bought this Curry for 350,500 mt. So you guys are wondering, oh, didn't this fag said 100,000 mt. I did, you can call me a f*ckin idiot in the comments section, but I don't care. I got into a supermax game, and Curry went off in his debut.

Bought for: 350,550 mt


  • Outside scoring: This amethyst Curry is one of the best outside scorers in this game. He has three hall of fame badges and his hall of fame limitless range badge means that he can knock down almost every shot from behind the three-point line. This is like the diamond Tracy Mcgrady from last year ( I couldn't play 2k17 until it was January of 2017. ) Every time I take a three-pointer with Curry, his release is a green light, and the shot is nothing but net. He tends to do the more contested jumper threes.
  • Inside scoring: Every time I go with Curry to the paint, he makes almost every layup I take with him. When Curry does a layup, he simply drives to the paint and then lay it up and in. He tends to do more of the driving layups then do any other layups.
  • Defending: Curry is a perfect defender for your squad. He can steal the ball, contest a shot, and intercept a pass. He has a gold badge called pickpocket, which allows Curry to strip the ball from a ball handler. When Curry defends, he first tries to steal from the ball handler, and if he can't strip the ball hander, he starts defending him, forcing him to take the shot.
  • Athleticism: Curry is a very athletic defender. When he was in the game, he never got exhausted from playing, and would still score the ball even when he was a little tired. He has a gold tireless scorer badge, which allows Curry to score even though when he is playing exhausted.
  • Playmaking: Curry is a nice playmaker. He drops dimes, breaks some ankles, and throws lobs. He has three gold badges in this category which are ankle breaker, which causes the defender to maybe touch the ground or fall, the dimer, which is a passer hitting teammates to score the ball, and finally, the lob city passer, which sets up a lob for your teammate. Curry tends to do more of the alley-oops rather than the passes, does left to right crossover, and dishing it out to the open man on your team for a shot.

Weaknesses Rebounding: One of the things Curry tends to struggle with is to rebound. The reason why Curry can't rebound is not only there are players that are taller with him, but the fact that he always jumps too late to grab the board. The only time when Curry can grab rebounds is when nobody is in the paint and already running down the court to either score or play defense.

Strategy: One strategy I like to do with Curry is come off a pick, pump fake, and then shoot the three. You do this by first getting a pick from one of your teammates, then let one of your other teammates pass the ball to Curry, who is running, and pass it to Curry. Then Curry has a little bit of room to pop the three, so Curry pops it, and I get a green light.

Other Comments: " I run him at point guard because he is a good playmaker, three-point shooter, and a good defender. I recommend only running Curry at the two if you only shoot mid-ranges and threes with this card. "

Bottom Line " You can buy it if you have enought mt, but if you have the pack luck, then keep him. "**_

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