Russell Westbrook amethyst card
91 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 91 REB

Russell Westbrook AMETHYST

Written by Frederikdam10

Russell Westbrook

Bought for: 37,500 MT - sold my ruby Russell 15k and my ruby Durant for 25k, and bought me this beast.

Games Played:

  • Matches: 6
  • Minutes: 9,4
  • PTS: 16,3
  • FG%: 64%
  • 3PT%: 48%
  • FT%: 100%
  • REB: 3,7
  • AST: 5,2
  • STL: 2,1


  • Athleticism: With his 98 speed and his 97 acceleration along with 98 speed with ball, he can blow past any defender. If you are playing against a great defender, his 77 strength will help him back the opponent in the post, and finish or make the perfect pass to the open man.

  • Defending: 88 steal and all other defending stats are between 83-94, makes him a great defender. (except low-post and block)

  • Shooting: His shooting has evolved to a great shot, after the +4 in midrange and 3s, he can easily pull up on the mid-range and hits the 3 with a great percentage

  • Rebounding: Best rebounding PG i've ever used, sometimes he can jump over big centers and grab the rebound. And now his offensive rebound has been upgraded from 60 to 80, so now he also grabs a lot of offensive rebounds.


  • Again! This man has no weaknesses. Look at him.

Recommended Strategy: P&R and pull up on the mid-range jumper, open three, back the opponent into the post and dish it to the open man, or just blow past the defender.

Use if: You want a PG that can do everything.

Don't use if: If you need shooters that can hit the contested three. He can do, but not that often as a Curry type of player.

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