Anthony Davis amethyst card
93 Overall
  • 94 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 58 PLY
  • 79 ATH
  • 92 DEF
  • 93 REB

The Brow

Written by warp

Ok, so before I start this review, I'm going to have a basketball chat, so if you want to be in my basketball chat, then just say I'm in the comments section, and I will add you into the chat. So I saw Davis and I was like, can't wait to try this card out. Bad news, I got this card for 250k. Davis literally wasted all my mt. I put him at center and got into a supermax game and Davis was putting in work. Davis was making mid-ranges, threes, contesting and blocking shots, rebounding. He was unstoppable. And Davis giving us a victory, and putting on a show for our team.

Bought for: 250,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Davis was showing more mercy to my opponent. He grabs the board, comes up the court, and he just jumps up and posterizes my opponent, and my opponent is on the ground, struggling to get up. Davis also was doing post fadeaways, and layups were going in for Davis. My opponent double teamed Davis, and Davis just passed it to my teammate for three, and it misses, but Davis grabs the board, and then just slams it down and then gets back on defense.
  • Defending: Davis was not letting anybody score. My opponent was about to posterize Davis, but Davis just rejects my opponent and then runs to the other end, and finishes the play. Davis was also just locking down my opponent. My opponent was about to drive in the paint because there was a wide-open space where my opponent could take and then he could score. And then, Davis just doesn't let him drive into the paint. And the shot clock is winding down, and my opponent has to take the shot, and the shot bricks and my center gets the rebound, passes the ball to Davis, and Davis jams it down and then gets back on defense.
  • Rebounding: Davis was grabbing boards. On the offensive end, when one of my teammates missed the shot, Davis just grabs the rebound, and then goes up and finishes, and he gets the three-point play. On the defensive end, when my opponent misses, Davis just grabs the board, and then goes all the way and throws down a poster on my opponent. When my opponent just did a crossover on my teammate, and shot the three and missed, when the ball bounced and then missed, Davis just grabs the board and then does a full-court pass to my teammate and he finishes.
  • Outside scoring: Davis was hitting mid-ranges and threes. Davis just has the ball in his hands, and then Davis just pulls up from mid-range and then shoots the mid-range, and Davis banks it off the glass, adding two points to his stats. Davis also just has the ball for the whole possession, and when the clock is winding down and Davis sees the defender swagging off, and pops the three in his face, and banks it off the glass. -Athleticism: Davis is very athletic. He actually is pretty fast. When Davis gets the steal, Davis is running down the court, and I want to have fun with Davis, so he just throws it off the blackboard and then does a 360 dunk.


  • Playmaking: Don't do any crossovers with Davis, especially on a lockdown defender. If you do it, your going to get stripped, and then the opponent runs down the court and finishes.

Recommended Strategy: "What I like to do is just strip your opponent and just do a crazy dunk"

Other Comments: (optional) "He gets more boards at center, he gets more points at power forward."

Use if: "You want a beastly forward who can do it all."

Don't use if: "You don't want to waste so much fuckin mt."

Bottom Line: "A very, beastly card on the court."

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