Stephen Curry diamond card
95 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 95 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 50 REB

Chef Curry

Written by warp

Ok, so you guys are " waiting " to see the Curry review, and I'm going to give it to you because next thing I know, this review is going to get dislikes. Ok, so I recommend you not to buy this Curry. From my perspective, you should use the amethyst. So, I bought this Curry at the auction house for 150k and literally was pissed because this card wasn't worth it. I put him at point guard and got into a game. And Curry was just bricking shots, missing wide open layups, and missing free-throws. He even gave me an L, so I recommend you guys just stay with the amethyst.

Bought for: 150,000 MT Buying This Card is so not worth it


  • I'm just going to tell you guys, this card is not worth it, and has not strengths. It does have a lot of weaknesses.


  • Outside scoring: Curry was 0-9 from three. I thought this card was going to be raining threes, but no. Curry would have the ball in his hands, and then I decided to pop a quick three first, so I pop the three when the defender was not guarding him, and it just rims out. I was raging hard. I even did a behind the back, and shot the three from half court, but no. It just hit the rim, and my opponent went the other way and just posterized Curry, and Curry is on the ground, just on the ground and getting up slowly. And his mid-range, it's even worse. I try to do a stepback jumper, and no, a brick. He could have built a house using those bricks.
  • Inside scoring: Curry was missing wide open layups, and my opponent was literally fouling Curry, and there was no foul. Curry would just drive and do a layup and then he just get's rejected by amethyst Karl Malone and then my opponent just then pulls up with diamond Lebron James for three, and it's nothing but net. Curry was suppose to be fuckin guarding Lebron, and he lets Lebron take a three. And I was just doing standing layups, and then Yao Ming just comes and rejects the shot.
  • Playmaking: Curry handles are trash. He was doing behind the backs, crossovers, and guess what? Curry was turning over the ball over. And he just lobs it to diamond Whiteside and Curry just passes the ball to sapphire Larry Sanders. So on one possession Curry is running down the court and then he just gets rejected by Lebron James and Lebron just gets the ball and sees that Curry is in the paint, and Lebron just rises and posterizes Curry. I was really raging.
  • Defending: Curry couldn't guard Lebron. So Lebron had the ball, and Lebron just does a crossover, and Curry just got his ankles broken. And Lebron just pops the three and he makes it. I was kind of losing it now. And one time Curry was playing good defense, and then Lebron just pops the mid-range on Curry, and it goes in. I was kind of mad now and I knew I was done.
  • Rebounding: Curry couldn't even grab a single rebound. So my opponent missed, and Curry is about to grab the board, but nope! And guess who grabs the board. Isaiah Thomas. And he just goes up and finishes with a layup and a foul on Curry. I was pissed I quit the match.

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Bottom Line: "100% not worth it."

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