'00 Gary Payton diamond card
96 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 95 OUT
  • 97 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 63 REB

The Glove

Written by warp

Ok, so after that Curry gameplay I was so pissed I sold diamond Curry because he gave me a fckin L. So I had some VC and saw these new game changer packs. I decided to just waste my VC and I heard people say to stay away from these packs because you get sht from them, and I wanted to see if that was true. The first three packs, I just was getting bronzes and slivers, and on the fifth pack, I see a diamond flash, shaking on the screen. I was hoping for a diamond Ray Allen because he was one of the best three-point shooters in the game. I flipped the card, and I flipped the diamond, and I saw a number 20 Gary Payton. I was a little bit disappointed because I wanted the Ray Allen, but I was also happy because he could take a spot in the starting lineup at the point guard. I finished off the box and I was like, if this card doesn't play at the expectations, I would sell him. I got into a supermax game and my opponent had a full diamond starting lineup. He had diamond Curry, diamond Kobe, diamond Lebron, amethyst Malone, ( the duo turns him into a diamond ), and finally, the diamond Wes Unseld. The good thing was we were at home. And Payton lead the team and got us a W.

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: Payton was scoring in the paint. Payton wasn't like Curry, missing layups, and open shots. Payton was making those layups, and even though he has a 35 driving dunk, his dunk should be a little bit higher. So Payton first has the ball, and he's being guarded by Curry, and I wanted to break Curry's ankles to get revenge on him. And I got him good. Payton did one crossover, and Curry is already on the floor, and then Payton goes into the paint and sees Malone in the paint, and Payton euro steps and then does a layup, and it goes in, and Malone fouls Payton, and Payton gets a three-point play. Payton just shoots the free-throw, and he get's a 92% and it goes in.
  • Outside scoring: Payton was making it splash from mid-range and three. Payton was guarded by amethyst Demarcus Cousins. And then Payton just does one crossover, and then he just steps to the right, and he pops the mid-range, and the mid-range drops. Payton also was splashing threes from the corner. On the fast break, Payton would not take the dunk, he would just run into the corner and he would just shoot the three, and I would just get a green release from Payton, and the three-pointer just goes in. Otherwise, Payton would just pull up from basically half court, but he sees Cousins about to contest the shot, but then Payton pump fakes and then he just shoots the three, and the three drops.
  • Defending: Payton is the best point guard defender in the game. He was staying on amethyst Paul Pierce, and the shot clock was winding down, and then Payton just pokes the ball away from amethyst Pierce, and Payton gets the ball, and he just pulls up from three, and he pops it again. And Pierce just passes the ball to Lebron James, but Pierce just passes it to Payton, and Payton just goes all the way, but decides to not pop the three-pointer, and then takes one step, and then he shoots the mid-range, and he gets it to fall again. And when Payton stole the ball, he just lobs it to diamond Whiteside, and then Whiteside dunks it down with two hands.
  • Playmaking: Payton is a good playmaker. His handles are sick. Payton is fast, and he just does do quick crossovers, then goes between the legs, and then he just gets Cousins to fall a little bit, and then Payton just goes into the paint, and theirs a double team going to Payton so he can't take the mid-range, but Payton passes the ball to DeRozan, and DeRozan just goes up and finishes, and DeRozan gets up and finishes, and a three-point play. Payton also just stole the ball, and then Payton just does a behind the back, spin move when nobody's there, and then he just goes up and does a layup.
  • Athleticism: Payton is fast. When he got the steal in transition, he just goes all the way, and then he just throws it down with two hands, hangs on the rim for a while, and then gets back on defense. And I played Payton for the whole game and I didn't even have to call timeouts, he would still score. He only had 59 strength by the end of the game, but I didn't care.
  • Rebounding: Even though he doesn't have a very good rebound, he was grabbing boards. When Curry misses the shot, Payton just quickly runs into the paint, grabs the board, just runs and then pulls up for three, and a green release again. And on the offensive end, Payton grabbed the board, just runs to the corner, and then he just hits the three-pointer.


  • No weaknesses

Recommended Strategy: "What I do with Payton is I just do a crossover, and then I step forward, then step back, and shoot the three-pointer, and it goes in."

Other Comments: (optional) "Run him at point guard. He get's more threes."

Use if: "You want a defensive, three-point shooting, point guard"

Don't use if: "No reason not to use this card."

Bottom Line: "If you didn't get the diamond Ray Allen, get this Gary Payton card."

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