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    Hello for the 2kmtcentral users and for those who have been banned welcome to an new era that will still run the Goodman bloodline. I am the new CEO of 2kmtcentral Richard Goodman the son of @Mr.Goodman who is my father and predecessor and with me is my new staff for 2kmtcentral. Today like I said this is a new era we are running and a new motto "for the better use" and for 2kmtcentral I will be the third CEO in the websites history as well as the youngest CEO in the websites history. I will be thankful for my new position on 2kmtcentral as I was before the youngest moderator on 2kmtcentral and I would thank my fellow moderators and also my father as well for promoting me not just as a moderator but earlier today as the new CEO and I would thank for my support today. I know that today everyone was proud of @Mr.Goodman resigning due to his actions as CEO but as the first executive saying that I will not follow my fathers actions that led him resigning as he was past his prime as CEO that led everyone even myself thinking with the questionable choices that he made during his reign. I know that the Goodman family will have my back especially my father @Mr.Goodman and my 3 year old brother Benjamin Goodman and my former friends from the Jackie Chu High School in east Pensacola, Florida and my childhood idol Roman Reigns. This summer we had the lowest user rate on 2kmtcentral due to vacation time or inactivity and rumors had spread to then CEO @Mr.Goodman asking if the website is dead and the obvious scandal between @BEANSareDANK and @WWFDeezNuts which he not commented. But as his son I knew that he was corrupt and to follow up he was corrupt to save the Goodman family from the danger attacks on 2kmtcentral. Around the time I finished High School and went on to get an employment with my father on 2kmtcentral by being an moderator and always being promoted to the next level. And with issues spreading and more he always told me that in case of an emergency I will be backup as well as the next one in line for promotions and it came true.
    That's why I am the CEO of 2kmtcentral after my father resigned because I was the next one in line and if I can do it so can everyone here and today I will be taking the mantle as CEO and I will restore 2kmtcentral as how it was before and now and 2kmtcentral will be relevant again and the first step is with my father's big mistakes and irrelevancy on 2kmtcentral. Thank you for understanding and being a part of 2kmtcentral I hope this works and as always "for the better use" thanks.


    Didn't last one month


    Congratulations @RichardGoodman!