Stephen Curry amethyst card
99 98 95 94 94 90 82

Stephen Curry

'19 Current NBA / '19 Warriors

General information

'19 NBA
6'3" (190cm)
190lbs (86kg)
Chef Curry
Dynamic Duo
88 Klay Thompson
P&R Point 3 PT Handoff Isolation

Hot Zones


Stephen Curry amethyst card

90 Overall

89 Outside scoring +2

  • 88 Open shot mid
  • 88 Contested shot mid
  • 88 Off dribble shot mid
  • 89 Open shot 3pt +4
  • 89 Contested shot 3pt +4
  • 89 Off dribble shot 3pt +4
  • 98 Shot IQ
  • 89 Free throw
  • 90 Offensive consistency +5

74 Inside scoring

  • 84 Shot close
  • 88 Standing layup
  • 89 Driving layup
  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 30 Driving dunk
  • 30 Contact dunk
  • 85 Draw foul
  • 28 Post control
  • 28 Post hook
  • 45 Post fadeaway
  • 98 Hands

86 Athleticism

  • 85 Speed
  • 89 Acceleration
  • 74 Vertical
  • 42 Strength
  • 95 Stamina
  • 91 Hustle
  • 87 Overall durability

86 Playmaking +1

  • 87 Speed with ball
  • 89 Ball control +2
  • 86 Passing accuracy
  • 82 Passing vision
  • 87 Passing IQ

74 Defending

  • 74 On-ball defense IQ
  • 25 Low post defense IQ
  • 71 Help defense IQ
  • 73 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 76 Lateral quickness
  • 78 Pass perception
  • 89 Reaction time
  • 75 Steal
  • 35 Block
  • 74 Shot contest
  • 73 Defensive consistency

49 Rebounding

  • 31 Offensive rebound
  • 54 Defensive rebound
  • 57 Boxout
  • 3317 Total attr. +19

Outside Scoring

Corner Specialist

Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner.

Mid-Range Deadeye

Knocks down the contested shots from medium-range at very high percentage.

Deep Range Deadeye

Knocks down contested shots from deep range at a very high percentage.

Limitless Range

Can knock down very deep threes better than most.

Difficult Shots

Known for making tough shots off the dribble.

Tireless Scorer

A player who can spend a good deal of energy without losing effectiveness when attempting to score.

Catch & Shoot

Hits stand-still shots off the catch at a high percentage.

Inside Scoring


Can attempt layups with few consequences.

Tear Dropper

Excels at making floaters and runners


Ankle Breaker

Can cause his defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves.





Alpha Dog

Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.

Clutch Performer

Steps his game up in big games and big moments.

Championship DNA

Can quickly see where double teams are coming from. Also steps up his game in playoff moments.


A player who heats up quicker than most.

Floor General

An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense while he's on the floor


Will play through fatigue and injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill.

Low Ego

Values team success more than anything.

High Work Ethic

Goes above and beyond the typical exemplary work ethic of an NBA athlete.


Has no problems expressing his feelings.


  • 0 Standing dunk
  • 35 Driving dunk
  • 0 Flashy dunk
  • 0 Alley-oop
  • 0 Putback dunk
  • 30 Crash


  • 35 Standing layup
  • 65 Driving layup
  • 50 Spin layup
  • 60 Hop step layup
  • 55 Euro step layup
  • 75 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 0 Step through shot
  • 9 Shot under basket
  • 30 Shot close
  • 4 Shot close left
  • 21 Shot close middle
  • 7 Shot close right
  • 15 Shot mid
  • 60 Spot up shot mid
  • 60 Off screen shot mid
  • 99 Shot 3pt
  • 75 Spot up shot 3pt
  • 65 Off screen shot 3pt
  • 65 Contested jumper mid
  • 70 Contested jumper 3pt
  • 65 Stepback jumper mid
  • 75 Stepback jumper 3pt
  • 20 Spin jumper
  • 45 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 60 Drive pull up 3pt
  • 15 Drive pull up mid
  • 55 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 5 Triple threat pump fake
  • 55 Triple threat jab step
  • 35 Triple threat idle
  • 30 Triple threat shoot
  • 25 Setup with sizeup
  • 80 Setup with hesitation
  • 0 No setup dribble


  • 40 Drive
  • 25 Spot up drive
  • 35 Off screen drive
  • 75 Drive right
  • 60 Driving crossover
  • 30 Driving spin
  • 55 Driving step back
  • 25 Driving half spin
  • 20 Driving double crossover
  • 25 Driving behind the back
  • 40 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 30 Driving in and out
  • 80 No driving dribble move
  • 30 Attack strong on drive


  • 95 Shoot
  • 99 Touches
  • 0 Roll vs. pop
  • 55 Transition spot up
  • 5 Iso vs. elite defender
  • 25 Iso vs. good defender
  • 45 Iso vs. average defender
  • 65 Iso vs. poor defender
  • 25 Play discipline

Post game

  • 0 Post up
  • 0 Post shimmy shot
  • 0 Post face up
  • 0 Post back down
  • 0 Post aggressive backdown
  • 10 Shoot from post
  • 3 Post hook left
  • 6 Post hook right
  • 6 Post fade left
  • 11 Post fade right
  • 0 Post up and under
  • 20 Post hop shot
  • 0 Post step back shot
  • 0 Post drive
  • 0 Post spin
  • 0 Post drop step
  • 0 Post hop step


  • 70 Dish to open man
  • 50 Flashy pass
  • 60 Alley oop pass


  • 83 Pass interception
  • 58 Take charge
  • 63 On-ball steal
  • 60 Contest shot
  • 14 Block shot
  • 46 Foul
  • 15 Hard foul


-6, written by eliasib123

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    Best PG in the league and it's not even close


    curry's a great guy


    i love how simple and wholesome this comment is lmao


    he actuely sucks so much dick

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    thanks sherlock


    It's ok to be wrong, but not retarded. And this right here, is really retarded.


    your right, your comment is retarded

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    I'm sorry, but was it Curry or Westbrook that averaged a triple-double?


    Oh Im sorry who has 3 rings was it Curry or Westbrook??

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    Curry has an entire starting lineup of all-stars so of course, he would have three rings.
    Westbrook only has PG and Adams.


    Curry won a ring once with just klay and draymond


    I'm sorry, but was it Curry or Westbrook that stat padded


    I don't care if Westbrook got a triple double just mind your own bissnes if you gonna talk trash




    That's extremely incorrect. Curry's gravity has an impact on the game more than you even know. He draws in defenders so much that some would rather give KD or Klay a relatively open shot than give Curry a semi-contested shot because it's just that scary. Also, his defense isn't as bad as people make it out to be because he can hold his own most of the time and plays passing lanes and off-ball extremely well (in 26 possessions in the finals that Curry was LeBron's primary defender on the play, LeBron scored 0 points and went 0-5), but he is a better defender than Russ and Kyrie anyways. Wall doesn't have shooting making it easier to defend him as you can sag and just bring help, same with Russ to an extent and Russ isn't really a team player. Kyrie is a lesser defender, and while he might be a better offensive player, Curry's gravity and leadership puts him over the top.

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    Just cause russ isnt a team player doesnt make him take a backseat to curry in terms of skill. Russell has proved numerous times hes the better skilled player and puts up a better stat line than curry damn near every night.


    if you really the type of person to look at statlines and think one player is better than the other based on that, you should stop watching basketball lmao. i'll take the 2-time MVP with the most efficiency out of the 3


    Stat line is what determines your skill level! If your putting up better numbers than another player AND your in the same conference as him so there is no advantage, YOUR'E THE BETTER PLAYER.


    You seem like you've never actually watched a basketball game. Ball movement, forcing someone to pick up the ball, making the right pass, hustling on the floor. These all things that probably won't show up on a statline. Not everything leads to a score or an assist or something that shows up in a stat line. Your whole conference talk and stat line talk literally excludes many factors and variables in basketball. It's like saying Russell Westbrook is better than Stephen Curry or LeBron James because he got 2 triple double seasons. But he still got 1st round exited and didn't win MVP this season even though he had another triple double season. My point is: Everyone plays different roles like Marcus Smart or Tony Allen or even Jakob Poetl, and statlines don't represent skill level or how good you are completely.


    lol so true, and I'ma thunder fan


    exactly, my man. to go off of what you're saying, russ's stats basically say he's doing the most work out of his team. that doesn't necessarily mean he's better than another player on another team with a different role. the stats just glorify Russ's role, but it doesn't diminish another. if that were the case, Russell would be better than a LOT of legends of the past, which is NOT the case.


    there can be some fuckin pussies on this website, smh


    In that case westbrick is the best player in the league huh


    Definantly not.


best 3pt shooter of all time


Shit was gonna say that but I saw you say the same thing


89 three. EXCUSE ME?!


he gets hated so much.. i don’t understand it.


Because he choked a 3-1 lead and he's on the warriors


No its bc his fans are all eight year olds


Because he’s good and people love to hate on great players


why is this getting downvoted


a steal champion and a 75 steal rating


It's just amazing how 2k was able to capture Steph's game in their game. The guy is super realistic. Shooting like a monster, Super fast release like the one he actually has. Animations on the cross over and dribbles are awesome. Really a fun card to have. Had to release him eventually because he sucks ass on the D and he does not have Draymond Green to cover for him cause 2k was not able to put Dray's geniusity into the game. Geniusity. Yes. Credit me for that.


Really good card but he missed a three so i quick sold him


anyone know how much he goes for on Xbox?


Bruh... did 2K switch this mans takeover from sharpshooter to playmaker?


One of the few guys that can have the most impact on the game without even touching the ball. Its unreal.


Update his price he is like 2.5k Mt


A wheel made me do dis........ CURRY IS DA BEST...... Im kidding


What if dell pulled out


anyone else see that one Curry fan on other posts and come to check if he posted here...






curry is best in the nba, try tell me im wrong, also GSW fan


Wrong, best pg? Yes


maybe best pg


1, it's LeBron or KD, 2, your wrong, and 3, you're a bandwagoner


nice try buddy but he's not. want a cookie