Paul George ruby card
96 95 95 95 94 94 90 87 86

General information

'19 NBA
6'9" (205cm)
220lbs (99kg)
Dynamic Duo
90 Russell Westbrook
P&R Ball Handler 3 PT Handoff Guard Post Up


September 26th, 2018
October 15th, 2018

Hot Zones


Paul George ruby card

87 Overall

75 Outside scoring +6

  • 68 Open shot mid +10
  • 68 Contested shot mid +10
  • 68 Off dribble shot mid +10
  • 80 Open shot 3pt +3
  • 80 Contested shot 3pt +3
  • 80 Off dribble shot 3pt +3
  • 97 Shot IQ
  • 75 Free throw +5
  • 90 Off. consistency

76 Athleticism

  • 73 Speed
  • 75 Acceleration
  • 83 Vertical
  • 60 Strength
  • 94 Stamina
  • 85 Hustle
  • 82 Overall durability

73 Inside scoring

  • 73 Shot close
  • 84 Standing layup
  • 84 Driving layup
  • 50 Standing dunk
  • 80 Driving dunk
  • 40 Contact dunk
  • 65 Draw foul +5
  • 73 Post control
  • 35 Post hook
  • 69 Post fadeaway
  • 90 Hands

69 Playmaking +1

  • 81 Ball control +4
  • 73 Passing accuracy
  • 52 Passing vision
  • 70 Passing IQ
  • 79 Speed with ball

81 Defending

  • 85 On-ball def. IQ
  • 58 Low post def. IQ
  • 85 Pick & roll def. IQ
  • 85 Help def. IQ
  • 85 Lateral quickness
  • 87 Pass perception
  • 89 Reaction time
  • 81 Steal
  • 46 Block
  • 86 Shot contest
  • 85 Def. consistency

55 Rebounding

  • 45 Offensive rebound
  • 58 Defensive rebound
  • 65 Boxout
  • 89 Potential
  • 97 Intangibles
  • 3396 Total attr. +53

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    I don't understand why they do him so dirty on his mid range


    He shot 33.2% from mid range, making him the 13th worst mid range shooter in the league that shot at least 100 during the regular season (worse than Dwight Howard).*GE*100


    Did your homework, man! I'm impressed! It is weird, though, cuz he seems like he gotta solid middie...


    bruh that floater buzzer beater


    He's not that good in D


    yea it is like 1 or 2 ovr to high for me as well


    A little overrated because he is too inconstant, should be a 86 saphir


    really? he lowkey underrated to me, I hope he steps up this upcoming season cuz thunder are my dark horse for the championship if they have good chemistry


    I know to each their own blah blah blah, but there is absolutely no chance they win the West let alone the whole damn thing lol


    You can never say absolutely, what if injuries ravage the Warriors and Celtics? OKC would just have to beat Houston, LA and some team like Spurs, Wolves or Nuggets to reach the NBA Finals. Solid defense, solid bench and 2 All stars, it is not probable but possible for them to win it all


    you say they "Would Just have to beat Houston" as if thats easy or something lmfao the would lose in 5 they cant even beat the Jazz


    They can beat anyone. I see them being a top 3 defensive team and having Schroeder off the bench + finishing games for them is huge. They will be hard to watch on offense at times but are so deep :Schroeder, Felton, TLC, Abrines, Ferguson, Patterson and Noel as a second unit is very nice to have. Like I said, not an OKC fan but the West is so deep that anyone has a small chance at making it to the Finals. Good day sir


    No see thats the thing, is you can say absolutely.

    For the warriors to lose they would have to lose 2 out of their big 4 to injury, the rockets are on a different planet (when healthy) than OKC and even if Cp3 was injured they would still beat them, and then you have lebron and the lakers or the jazz? Yeah... there is absolutely no way they win the west. You didnt even include the team that beat them last year in 6 games......


    Oops forgot the warriors got boogie... so 3 out of their big 5 would have to get injured LOL.

    The Thunder arent even the 4th best team in the west, also the raptors and celtics are better. so they arent even in the top 7 of the league and you can also argue that the sixers are better as well


    Nothing is absolute in any sports. Curry was injury prone, KD had foot problems and Boogie might never be the same. If they get banged up at the wrong time and the Thunder get some lucky breaks, they have a shot. Detroit beated an L.A team that had Prime Shaq/Kobe and a very strong squad. Like I said, is it probable? No. But is it possible? Absolutely


    I'm sorry man...but the thunder winning the title is impossible. HOW BOUT THIS... IF THE THUNDER WIN THE TITLE THIS YEAR, I WILL KILL MYSELF...NO JOKE


    1) It is not that serious man relax..
    2) Vegas has them at 60/1 to win it all, like I said at least 3 times not probable but possible
    3) Every year there are teams in every sport that surprise the league to make a push at the title, I am just saying why not thr Thunder?


    You can start telling your parents to invest in a nice coffin. Just in case ;)


    Lmao, PG been on fire this year, BUT the Warriors are unstoppable especially now with Boogie.


    You never know what can happen. What if the Thunder add a solid piece to their team? What if Curry/Durant gets injured. OKC is a sure fire title contender


    Remember what I told you? Elite defense, 2 all stars and deep squad = title contenders