Kevin Durant pinkdiamond card
99 98 96 95 90 90 90 89 89 85

General information

6'9" (205cm)
240lbs (108kg)
Dynamic Duo
99 Russell Westbrook
P&R Wing 3 PT Handoff Guard Post Up

Hot Zones


Kevin Durant pinkdiamond card

97 Overall

96 Outside scoring +1

  • 97 Open shot mid +1
  • 97 Contested shot mid +1
  • 97 Off dribble shot mid +1
  • 96 Open shot 3pt +2
  • 96 Contested shot 3pt +2
  • 96 Off dribble shot 3pt +2
  • 97 Shot IQ
  • 95 Free throw
  • 95 Offensive consistency

89 Inside scoring +1

  • 97 Shot close +1
  • 95 Standing layup
  • 95 Driving layup +2
  • 80 Standing dunk
  • 90 Driving dunk +7
  • 90 Contact dunk +7
  • 90 Draw foul +8
  • 75 Post control
  • 61 Post hook
  • 88 Post fadeaway
  • 91 Hands

89 Athleticism +2

  • 95 Speed
  • 94 Acceleration
  • 85 Vertical
  • 63 Strength +12
  • 95 Stamina
  • 75 Hustle
  • 84 Overall durability

83 Playmaking +1

  • 90 Speed with ball
  • 93 Ball control +4
  • 80 Passing accuracy
  • 75 Passing vision
  • 82 Passing IQ

88 Defending +2

  • 92 On-ball defense IQ
  • 68 Low post defense IQ +10
  • 93 Help defense IQ
  • 93 Pick & roll defense IQ
  • 95 Lateral quickness
  • 75 Pass perception
  • 92 Reaction time
  • 85 Steal
  • 75 Block +10
  • 95 Shot contest
  • 90 Defensive consistency

74 Rebounding

  • 55 Offensive rebound
  • 80 Defensive rebound
  • 80 Boxout
  • 3997 Total attr. +70

03/29/19 (Viewing) 97 SF PF 89 96 83 89 88 74
09/07/18 40 SF PF 25 25 25 25 25 25

Outside Scoring

Corner Specialist

Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner.

Mid-Range Deadeye

Knocks down the contested shots from medium-range at very high percentage.

Deep Range Deadeye

Knocks down contested shots from deep range at a very high percentage.

Limitless Range

Can knock down very deep threes better than most.

Difficult Shots

Known for making tough shots off the dribble.

Tireless Scorer

A player who can spend a good deal of energy without losing effectiveness when attempting to score.

Catch & Shoot

Hits stand-still shots off the catch at a high percentage.

Pick & Popper

Excels as a pick & pop receiver.

Inside Scoring


Can attempt layups with few consequences.

Relentless Finisher

Takes physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without severely impacting his energy.

Tear Dropper

Excels at making floaters and runners


Pick & Roll Maestro

Throws accurate passes and hits shots off screens at a high percentage while orchestrating a pick & roll.

Ankle Breaker

Can cause his defender to stumble or fall with his dribble moves.

Flashy Passer

Known for throwing on-point flashy passes to his receivers.

Break Starter

Starts fast breaks with accurate outlet passes.

Lob City Passer

Completes alley-oop passes at a high rate.


An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score.


One Man Fast Break

Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a fast break.

Lob City Finisher

Catches and finishes alley-oops better than others.


Will succeed at dunking on opposing defenders more often than others.


Defensive Stopper

While playing on-ball defense, this badge drops various offensive skills of similarly positioned match-ups.

Pick Dodger

A slithery player who can get around screens easily.

Pick Pocket

Known for his ability to strip the ball from a ball-handler.

Rim Protector

An elite shot-blocker who intimidates those around the rim, causing interior shots to be less effective.



Alpha Dog

Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory.

Clutch Performer

Steps his game up in big games and big moments.

Spark Plug

Comes off the bench or comes out of timeouts making big plays that can energize his teammates.

Championship DNA

Can quickly see where double teams are coming from. Also steps up his game in playoff moments.


A player who heats up quicker than most.

Defensive Anchor

Defensive leader who helps his teammates perform better defensively.


Will play through fatigue and injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill.


An outgoing and typically well-liked player.

Legendary Work Ethic

First one to the gym, last one to leave and the hardest worker at all times.

Keep It Real

Responds best to tough love.


Can be erratic in his behavior.


  • 25 Standing dunk
  • 95 Driving dunk
  • 95 Flashy dunk
  • 70 Alley-oop
  • 25 Putback dunk
  • 35 Crash


  • 25 Standing layup
  • 45 Driving layup
  • 60 Spin layup
  • 65 Hop step layup
  • 60 Euro step layup
  • 35 Floater

Jump shooting

  • 49 Step through shot
  • 86 Shot under basket
  • 35 Shot close
  • 3 Shot close left
  • 7 Shot close middle
  • 4 Shot close right
  • 25 Shot mid
  • 60 Spot up shot mid
  • 60 Off screen shot mid
  • 55 Shot 3pt
  • 50 Spot up shot 3pt
  • 50 Off screen shot 3pt
  • 65 Contested jumper mid
  • 65 Contested jumper 3pt
  • 35 Stepback jumper mid
  • 35 Stepback jumper 3pt
  • 40 Spin jumper
  • 35 Transition pull up 3pt
  • 30 Drive pull up 3pt
  • 40 Drive pull up mid
  • 45 Use glass

Drive setup

  • 45 Triple threat pump fake
  • 75 Triple threat jab step
  • 20 Triple threat idle
  • 50 Triple threat shoot
  • 15 Setup with sizeup
  • 25 Setup with hesitation
  • 20 No setup dribble


  • 50 Drive
  • 50 Spot up drive
  • 50 Off screen drive
  • 75 Drive right
  • 35 Driving crossover
  • 10 Driving spin
  • 25 Driving step back
  • 5 Driving half spin
  • 0 Driving double crossover
  • 0 Driving behind the back
  • 25 Driving dribble hesitation
  • 5 Driving in and out
  • 80 No driving dribble move
  • 65 Attack strong on drive


  • 85 Shoot
  • 97 Touches
  • 20 Roll vs. pop
  • 20 Transition spot up
  • 5 Iso vs. elite defender
  • 20 Iso vs. good defender
  • 50 Iso vs. average defender
  • 70 Iso vs. poor defender
  • 25 Play discipline

Post game

  • 10 Post up
  • 10 Post shimmy shot
  • 55 Post face up
  • 15 Post back down
  • 0 Post aggressive backdown
  • 55 Shoot from post
  • 7 Post hook left
  • 13 Post hook right
  • 64 Post fade left
  • 60 Post fade right
  • 8 Post up and under
  • 10 Post hop shot
  • 0 Post step back shot
  • 40 Post drive
  • 15 Post spin
  • 0 Post drop step
  • 10 Post hop step


  • 35 Dish to open man
  • 30 Flashy pass
  • 35 Alley oop pass


  • 64 Pass interception
  • 64 Take charge
  • 34 On-ball steal
  • 70 Contest shot
  • 54 Block shot
  • 38 Foul
  • 40 Hard foul


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    You said your time with the Thunder didn't pay off
    It's not our fault you choked in the playoffs
    Your fans didn't even take a day off
    But you joined the Warriors thinking your career would take off?
    Joined the Warriors thinking a ring would pay off?
    Joined the Warriors thinking Lebron would back off?
    Joined the Warriors thinking you wouldn't piss Russ off? (nah)
    But your respect levels they fell off

    Humble young boy outta D.C
    Now your taking shots at OKC?
    It's not our fault you ain't win MVP
    It's not our fault your best friend Draymond Green

    Mister mister cupcake, I dedicate this to you
    Just another fake oh wait
    Fake rhymes with cupcake is that a mistake? I don't know
    But ima still hit KD with the shake and bake

    Humble young boy outta D.C
    Now your taking shots at OKC?
    It's not our fault you ain't win MVP
    It's not our fault your best friend Draymond Green

    Loyalty? that's a no-no
    Blowing 3-1 leads well I guess so
    Now you left Russ solo?
    He gonna stunt on you with his polo
    Go crazy like monolo
    Eyes wide like he on the coco
    But he ain't on the coco
    He ain't on the coco
    He just dissin you on the low-low

    Humble young boy outta D.C
    Now your taking shots at OKC
    It's not our fault you ain't win MVP
    It's not our fault your best friend Draymond Green

    What's a snake's favorite food? It's fresh mice
    And your getting roasted by a kid without a licence
    You're overhyping
    So please stop typing
    Take your feelings and put some ice in
    Before I knock you out... and they call me Mike Tyson


    are you apart of lnu's sweatshop




    Every letter of these lyrics are w's


    im pretty sure hes happy with his ring


    Bout to go listen to that song right now


    LNU the Goat


    smh kd is the best player of the franchise, one of the most skilled players of all time, and you're pasting lnu lyrics he typed out for youtube views


    of what franchise? Russ has done more for the Thunder than KD

    Show 5 replies...

    yeah cause russ has gotten in the finals without kd, foh


    has KD got the Thunder to the finals without Russ though?


    avoiding my point

    tell me if russ has gotten to the finals without kd? ill wait


    Has KD made the finals without having an all-star level point guard whether its Russ or curry doesn't matter, you acting like one of em needed the other more.


    im saying kd is much greater than russ to the franchise, and more skilled


    Plz make this to a music video


    the stats are more accurate than the height


    Best believe I will be selling my soul for this card.


    2k doesnt need your soul it only wants money


    Did it didn't pull him ask my friend if I can borrow his


    I'm sssssssssstill waiting for thisssss card to come the fuck out

    I sssssssswear when this comesssssssss out

    Im going crazssssssssssssssssssssssy


    Why does he have "Championship DNA" when he won 0 championships with okc?


    He also has the keep it real badge “responds best to tough love”
    And everyone knows that’s a lie
    They just throw random personality badges on him


    The Last Infinity Stone for Opal Blake


    But Antman is gonna go up your ass to stop u


    Miss seeing Durant in this Jersey


    The Bird card is way better than this one. The only thing this card has over Bird is Speed and Dunking. They shoot about the same and Bird is a better defensive player (On Ball, Off Ball, or Post).

    Compared to the other PD SFs in the Anniversary Series so far, he's kinda disappointing.

    I'd rather have Giannis or Bird over him.


    Agree with you on the Bird comparison. Same height, same shooting badges, KD has way better dunking and slightly better speed, but Larry's rebounding, strength, and defensive stats are better. The fact that Larry has HOF defensive stopper puts him over KD for me.

    If they made KD his true height, 6'11", this card would be a beast tho.


    But also those KD animations. His pullback covers so much damn space it's impossible to guard.

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    KD’s animations are nice, for sure.


    real kd he deserved it


    KD might be slim, he might be shady, but he knows how to be a snakey


    he aint no slim shady/eminem, he aint no goat, he just ride the boat to the championship title coat.


    “Before he was a snake “
    - Troydan


    "Now My challenge is to French kiss this snake after every box,"


    Dub nation stand the fuck up


    little kids across the world stands up


    W for you death


    Can somebody confirm if this is him? Cuz if it is, we miss u man <3


    hahahahaha your favorite youtuber don't post no more #ShakeBetter


    Let’s goooooo


    Lineup suggestions have 300k?


    if you don't know how to spend 300k mt, man idk what to say to that


    This card going for 1 mil mt its not even a crazy upgrade


    where's the 99 slithering and hof snake badge


    First Pack. First PD. First KD.


    Guys what pink diamond token in reward should I get? I already have Grant Hill. Check my team through my page.


    Any suggestions for me?? Tryna to get my team a little better


    Any suggestions on my current lineup would be appreciated!


    350k do I buy this card or pd cover series Giannis


    This dude needs a playoff moments card asap.


    lmao all he does is drive and do a dribble pull up even on okc he did that so how does he only have a tendency of 25 for a mid range shot lol


    I'm so excited about this card hopefully they release it soon


    My first online game this year was against a FA kd and he made a last second shot for the win against 3 of my defenders


    Throwback Elite Pink diamond westbrook from his mvp season is coming or just good and useful westbrook card
    im waiting !


    This better be released as soon as possible


    Blake's coming soon yay


    this is the true kd


    Wish I could have it... too bad this cards bouta cost 600,000 mt


    They better make this KD and the PD Westbrook a dynamic duo!


    hi KD welcome to my team I have 2 million MT for me


    Brought 200k vc got a 20 pac and 10 pack box got 3 Greg odens all in the 20 pack and Westbrook in a 10 pack fuck this game


    sell 2 gregs and buy a kd lmao, you are one ungrateful oaf. some people don't even have $ to waste on a game.


    Cheesy af.
    For the cheesers out there with no D


    didn't know cupcakes got pink diamonds


    Rip to people who got 96 KD all star

    -1 any help? got 360kmt


    yea run players at the right position


    All hail the snake lord


    Do u guys think the Durant or the oden would be a better fit for my team


    I personally think KD is a worse player than Klay dont @ me


    This skyquisha is the GOAT. Better than Lebron, MJ, and Kobe combined


    cant find me


    found you


    hey 7 days was alright

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    I've been hidden for 6 days on one card


    You still hidden?




    thats good as well


    eastern conference finals moments card




    I meant western my bad


    @123Milky hes next...






    im sure the fake thunder fans are jerking there little dicks to this


    Calm down lmao


    dont get me started on you bumass laker fans

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