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  • Overall 40 +59 99
  • Shot close 25 +73 98
  • Open shot mid 25 +73 98
  • Contested shot mid 25 +73 98
  • Off dribble shot mid 25 +73 98
  • Open shot three 25 +70 95
  • Contested shot three 25 +69 94
  • Off dribble shot three 25 +59 84
  • Shot IQ 25 +71 96
  • Free throw 25 +73 98
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    Hoo boy, this is going to be long.
    Brain Scalabrine is here for the memes, Dirk is here because his PD wasn't that great of a dunker, George Mikan is here so 2K has an excuse to use that picture again, Jimmy Butler is here as a bull, even though it has a Sixers logo for some reason, Joel Embiid is here because TRUST THE PROCESS, Dr. J is here so nobody will bother to go 12-0 for his PD, Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan are here because nobody got their Signature Limited cards. Mitch Richmond is here to remind us why he's called "Money Mitch", T-Mac is here to blast our souls into oblivion, Vince is here because he needed an Opal, I guess? Arvydas Sabonis is here to be the best Stretch Five in the game again, Glen Rice is here because he hasn't gotten a card in a while, Joe Johnson is here because he needed defense, Tom Gugliotta is here to make DBG bust a nut, even if he hopped off the base 11 train, Josh Smith is here so he can lock everyone up, Latrell Spreewell is here so everybody can make choking jokes, Sam Cassell is here so everybody can make alien jokes, Antione Walker is here because he hasn't gotten a card in a minute, the 2 Pacers (Bodgan and Myles Turner) are here because they haven't gotten cards all year, Kevin Johnson is here so everyone can make fun of the picture 2K used, Mo Pete is here because he was buddy-buddy with Vince, and he got a card, so he needed to get one, too, Rondo is here, even though he has a better card, and all the Amys are here because they haven't gotten cards in a while.
    Jesus Christ, that took a while...


    michael carter-williams here for his first game


    I applaud your commitment and effort.

    But also Mo Pete hasn’t gotten a card since the ruby throwback early in the year.


    Half of these cards are Ws and the other half are massive trolls


    if you thought 2k18 was bad:

    2k fans: plz not so many 99 overalls

    2k: ok

    2k: *does decent job at keeping not so many opals*

    2k employee: hey boss there aren't that many GOs and its the end of the year what do we do?

    2k boss: eh fuck it

    2k: *releases update*

    2k fans: ;-;


    where are the award winners


    Brian Sclabrine is here because he is a bloody legend. (And maybe just for the fun of it) Dirk is here because he was a legend. George Mikan is here because he looks like Harry Potter. Mitch Ritchmond is here to make Kings fans feel special. (He is very good though) Joel Embiid is here because of how many flops he averages per game. Julius Erving is here because well he's Dr. J. T-Mac is here because he is AWESOME! (It was terrible that he got injured and that ruined his career) Vince Carter is here because of the 2000 slam dunk contest. LeBron, Kobe, and Michael are here because 2K wanted to put them in a reward card theme. Ardyvas Sabonis, Glen Rice and Latrell Sprewell are here because it was about time they got there cards. Tom Gugliotta, and Sam Cassell are here because they are good players. Kevin Johnson and Antoine Walker are here because they were phenomenal players. Rabon Rondo, and Wesley Matthews are here because they used to be good. Boban is here because of his clutch plays. Joe Johnson and Josh Smith are here because of how good they were and how good the Atlanta Hawks are in that time period. Shaun Livingston is here because of how he was when he was a Rookie on the Clippers. (I personally think they should have made the card have the picture of when he had that Afro) Iman Shumphert is here because he was a phenomenal rookie. And last but not least Michael Carter-Williams is here because of the times he has had good games.


    well servers, it's been nice knowing you


    If those are token rewards, then this is a W.


    they are


    yo who tf downvoted my comment you gay bro




    What has 2k done?!?!?!?!


    and no curry!?


    Just a sad Bucks fan waiting for another one of our players to get upped in ovr.




    its time to delete 2k


    I'm going to have to grind offline on triple threat thousands of times to get the tokens for these cards!


    Servers say HI


    honestly, i dont like any of these new GO token rewards, i already have 5 PD's but im still gonna grind for sabonis