'03 Gilbert Arenas amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 83 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 89 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 81 DEF
  • 60 REB

Great Budget PG

Written by daddyalmighty

My team is pretty bad so I wanted to shake it up and get someone exciting. I haven't tested him out live yet, but he showed great promise in domination. He's crazy athletic and has a super fast release from three. This review is not the most informed as a precaution, but seeing as he was unreviewed I figured that any info would be a plus.

Bought for: ~5,000 mt


  • Athleticism: Fast with the ball and can finish over most when he gets a head of steam
  • Threes: One of the quickest releases I've seen, tough to get used to but once you do he hits a lot
  • Playmaking: Doesn't lose the ball and throws dimes everywhere
  • Finishing Inside: Doesn't miss much on the interior
  • Defense: Has the athleticism to guard anyone in his height range


He's 6'3", so the man can find himself getting overpowered by bigger guards and certainly can't guard a point forward, so you just have to know what you're up against.

Recommended Strategy: If you have a bad team like me, he's a totally viable to start at the one, especially if you're playing other teams with smaller guards. If you have a good team, I'd use him as the primary ball handler off the bench, because his playmaking combined with shooting + explosiveness makes him worth it.

Real Life Comps: Better shooting Russ/John Wall, Zach Lavine with playmaking ability

Use if: You're looking for a do it all PG

Don't use if: Height is a big factor for you

Bottom Line: One of the cheapest amy players on the market, definitely worth the pickup for worse teams

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