'04 Andrei Kirilenko diamond card
95 Overall
  • 89 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 89 REB

Best Card I'

Written by carsyncruzyt

Bought for: bought 1250 other cards to get him (2-3 million MT)


  • Best all around card in the game
  • similar to a giannis or lebron with better defense and shooting
  • quick release means he can hit big time shots coming off the screen before his defender can get there to contest.
  • can play any position on the court, and lockdown his assignment on D. Gets lots of blocks and steals. Have had many games where he either got or threatened to get a triple double.


  • Guys who are good at greening layups and post moves can easily score on him.
  • 2k changed his release about a week after I got him, luckily i use marquis johson a lot and like the quick release. If you don't like the quick release, you wont like this card.
  • Is any card really worth millions of MT? Biggest weakness on this card is that you have to lock damn near every sellable item in your collection to get him.I'm guessing you wouldn't have to lock them, and then you could just sell everything once you got to 1250 cards, but then you don't get the tokens.
  • no real weaknesses. This card is a beast and easily the best diamond or below in the game.

Recommended Strategy: Catch and shoot off of screens, throw him lobs, play passing lanes with him, run down defenders, lock down ball handlers with extended pressure this card can do it all. I recommend going into freestyle and working on his release before playing. This card is unstoppable in takeover mode. Also I would use this card in Triple threat, He is the best full court fast pace defender in the game. I pair him with rudy gay and charlie scott!

If you are doing the collection levels, make sure and grind to get this card, you will not regret it!

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    At 1,152 cards right now. He's in sight.


    Had to play against it in Triple Thread. To be honest, it is not real. Lets just pretend it is a game. AK47 has never ever been any close to this card.

    Next thing, Samaki Walker Pink Diamond.


    Dude, I feel like his shot get's faster and faster everyday! seriously have to go into freestyle before every game or I end up missing 3-4 wide open 3's with him. Still love the card, just have been struggling with his release, probably because the new igoudala's is so slow!