'65 Jerry West amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 79 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 88 DEF
  • 37 REB

Working Well With West

Written by as123456

My brother got this card for me while I was in the shower so when I got out, you can guess my reaction when I found out that he actually got the card. I was very happy! I played a few games with him, and since he's my only card that's not emerald or gold, my offense revolves around him.

Got him from a lockercode


  • His shooting in general is really good, he went 5-7 from the 3 between the two domination games I used him.
  • He has a pretty decent dribble package if you know how to dribble in 2k.
  • He is an and-one machine for me, man literally always gets fouls, but could be my play style considering I drive a lot!
  • His free throw is pretty good too (85)


  • Can't dunk (this isn't really a weakness but something that's preferred by people)
  • He is a bit shorter than other point guards even though he shouldn't be (irl he was 6'5 but in game he's 6'2)

Recommended Strategy: Use his as a playmaker for the squad to get easy buckets for everyone

Other Comments: "If you get this card, and actually have a solid lineup, he's a good guy to have off the bench, but for me and my squad, he's a starter."

Use if: "You got the lockercode and didn't get mt"

Don't use if: "You managed to get him and have better point guards on your team"

Bottom Line: "Mr. Clutch is worth typing in the lockercode :)"

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