LeBron James diamond card
95 Overall
  • 85 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 85 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 75 REB

Better than MJ

Written by gavintb01

I've only played a few games with this card, but I've realized he has very few glaring weaknesses and a lot of strengths that surprised me. Along with that, he has some amazing animations outside of his shooting. Definitely doesn't play as bad as some of his attributes would suggest.

Bought for: Locker Code Drop


  • Inside scoring: It's Lebron, the animations are great, he drives through defenders like a freight train.
  • Shot creation: Hits pull-up j's with ease, whether its a 2 or 3, he's usually very cash money. Along with that he is great at creating for others like real life Lebron.
  • Rebounding: Playing in all-time domination against the pelicans, he consistently grabbed boards over Davis, West, and Chandler.
  • Defense: I wouldn't call it a super strength of his but he plays a lot better than his ratings would suggest, he can clamp any position, from 1-5, unless its Wilt or some dumb shit.


  • Athleticism: It's not that it's bad, but c'mon 2k it's Lebron, he may be in his mid 30's but he is still one of the most athletic players in the league.
  • Playmaking/Ballhandling: Obviously the rating is low but I would expect at least good animations or something. With all the crazy passes we have seen Lebron make to his ball security as a floor general this should be better than it is.

Recommended Strategy: Plug-and-Play, he fits at almost any position, so just put him wherever your weakest starter was before and he can compliment any stars you already have, or he can be the star with excellent offense and good enough defense

Other Comments: He has a duo with diamond Kyrie which makes me cry as a Cavs fan but aside from that, if you are lucky enough to secure this Lebron wreak havoc with a steady dose of pick-and-rolls and iso plays

Use if: You need the basketball god to carry your team

Don't use if: You don't have him

Bottom Line: Come back to Cleveland LBJ

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    i sold the City jersey moments (got him the same way) and bought 95 Kawhi, 96 Big Ben, 95 Artis, and some diamond shoe, along with 94 B Roy. Def wouldn't keep him..


    Sell Ben Wallace lmao..he's literally useless


    not from what I've seen. I use hi at PF, gave him a shoe that gives him 93 speed, and 95 driving or contact dunk (can't remember) and he's great. Him and Artis are a nice set of big guys to run together.


    You really don't understand, don't buy him just because he's a pink diamond. He is one of the worst cards in the game and I love playing against him. Get 94 KAT. Honestly and you can do better than Gilmore aswell.


    I do understand. Just because he's an undersized center doesn't make him trash. However,I may get towns. He's got great stats. (Also I have some shooting bigs on my bench, like Yi Jilian)


    He can't even post up lol, have you used him online ? You'll see how useless he is believe me. Whenever I'm defending him it's like he isn't even there


    I personally don't need him for offense. He's there specifically for defense, and has done fine for me. Here's my lineup.

    PG 95 Dame
    SG 94 Roy
    SF 95 Kawhi
    PF 96 Ben
    C 95 Artis


    PF is a big position to have a scorer at in this game, pick and fades are op


    I agree, that's why Yi exists


    Give me suggestions for my lineup https://2kmtcentral.com/19/lineups/238595/030719


    Also sell James harden and get hedo turkoglu


    Sell Ben Wallace and get 94 KAT. Please don't be that guy that uses Ben Wallace just because it's pink lmao