Zach LaVine diamond card
95 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 83 PLY
  • 92 ATH
  • 83 DEF
  • 61 REB

Great Card

Written by dancdarocker

So I decided on this card instead of diamond steph curry and tbh I think I made a good decision. This card is pretty much curry but can actually dunk. I picked him up on the auction house and he was relatively cheap for a diamond but I can't remember an exact amount. The only bad thing with this card is the lack of defence, the 60 steal sucks but he as bad as you may think. Even though he lacks really good defence, he makes up for it with his amazing offence. Other than his pretty slow jump shot, he is amazing on offence. Gold shooting badges so if you get his jumper right then he will make everything or you can just drive to the lane and he will either poster everyone or green light pretty much every layup.

He is my starting shooting guard and I usually run the wings with him and just try and drive to the lane as much as I can. If he is open on the outside I will shoot the 3 with him but I don't pull up for deep 3's.

Bought for: Auction House (Unknown amount)


  • Driving to the rim - HOF Posterizer + Gold Difficult Shots so he will either dunk or green light the layup

  • Standing Shot 3pt + Gold Limitless & Deep Range so he will make a lot of open shots


  • Rebounding: He's a SG so don't expect a lot of rebounds.
  • Steal is a 60 so don't expect a superb defending guard

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, shoot open 3's, utilize screens then drive to the rim

Use if: You want an athletic guard who will dunk on anyone and that can shoot

Don't use if: You want a defending guard

Bottom Line: He goes for pretty cheap for a diamond and can shoot the ball and dunk on anyone so he is a great pick up.

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