SG Shot Creator emerald card
80 Overall
  • 78 INS
  • 85 OUT
  • 70 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 70 DEF
  • 68 REB

Midrange Assassin

Written by OrangeCatMonkey88

Turned out a little longer than intended but it's my first review, i may get better.

Like i'm assuming most mycareer players i was extremely disappointed when i found out we didn't get our actual players but some default BS. However, after looking at the ratings i decided to give it a shot and since i've played 64 games with him i can tell you it's not all bad.

I mostly use him with my bench unit as a surprise weapon. Often times he'll hit a couple quick buckets before the opponent realizes what's going on.

Anyway, in 64 games so far he averages 12.3p (5.0fgm/7.8fga) 0.9r 2.3a 0.8s and a whopping 0.1b in 9.3mpg. Now, i'm not sure how many of those 64 are domination or unlimited but it seems consistent with what i get in unlimited. Obviously, against some (pink) diamond abusing offball cheesing loser he's less productive, but so are all normal cards.

Disclaimer: My card is actually better than the 80ovr here, it's 84 ovr with diamond shoe and Steve Kerr. Playmaking and athleticism is higher. Scoring, defense and rebounding about the same.

Bought for: 0 MT


  • Animations. You get to use your own animations (except dunks), this has a huge impact for me on his performance.

  • Deadly from midrange. This one's obvious, 99 contested (boost) and 95 open/moving. I also added gold difficult shots and boosted the fadeaway to 77 with the shoe which makes it somewhat reliable.

  • Ball control. Mine has 81 ball control, so 86 with Kerr. Combine that with your favorite animations and you can get to your spot at will against most non (pink) diamonds. I wish i added gold ankle breaker but there's only three slots...

Good enough:

  • 3pt shot. Mine doesn't have the cold zones like the one here and with Kerr he has an 81 open three. Enough to keep the defense honest, 0.5 made out of 0.9 attempts per game. If you add a shoe it's 86 open three, pretty good with 77 offensive consistency. I added gold catch an shoot.

  • Most of the athleticism. Mine has 86 speed, 85 speed with ball (shoe), 88 acceleration and 95 stamina.

  • Driving/finishing (layups). 81 driving layup plus gold relentless finisher combined with the circus (iirc) package. Decent but the lack of vertical (78) and especially strength (soyboy 60) sometimes shows. Draws some fouls but not enough, 82 free throw when he does.


  • System proficiencies. Highest is balanced at 84. That's the one i use with Kerr but it's not enough to get all the boosts. He doesn't get the +5 driving layup.

  • Driving/finishing dunks. Despite a decent driving dunk (75) and contact dunk (71) he disappoints. I'm sure the low vertical and strength don't help but the biggest problem is the packages. He has a couple of those slow motion animations that get blocked every time. All you can do is hope he does a quick one. Doesn't dunk alleyoops, except self oops.

  • Defense. Being an on ball defender the most important to me is lateral quickness, which is only 76. Too low for a 6'5 guard. The other ratings are very average as well, sometimes making him lose his matchup off the ball.

Recommended Strategy: "Moving middy any chance you get, after dribble or off screens"

Use if: "You've been wanting to use your myplayer in myteam, even it's not really the one you made"

Don't use if: "You don't care about mycareer"

Bottom Line: "Solid bench scorer against most non (pink) diamond defenders"

P.S. 2K, just let us use our actual myplayers next year. This default idea was completely ridiculous.

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