'73 Wilt Chamberlain opal card
99 Overall
  • 99 INS
  • 75 OUT
  • 64 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 99 REB

stop this man real review

Written by Maba03

Bought for: 750 tokens and it was worth every moment


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim he is a horse getting rebounds easily a played this guy running the rewards dirk and my wilt had 25 boards atleast 15 offensive and his speed 95 it is a better version of ben Wallace that can shoot if you put a shoe on him and your coach is steve kerr it unstoppable cause people will sag off and will hit the three

Weaknesses: nothing

Recommended Strategy:pick and roll and if you put a shoe on him pick and pop

Use if: you want a unstoppable beast

Bottom Line: grind for this card

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