'00 Vince Carter pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 87 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 76 REB

Honest Review - Air Canada

Written by Roodle

I’m not going to hype this card up to you and say OMG HE POSTERS EVERYONE. Because he just doesn’t. Can he ruin careers? ABSOLUTELY. Just not as frequent as you’d like.

Bought for: Packed.


  • Inside scoring: Crazy good stats for inside scoring. If you can get to the rim off the dribble then he’ll no doubt get the job done. Entirely depends on the animation you get though.
  • 3 Ball: Great 3 ball - can hit them if need be. Not a reliable knock down shooter but would compare his shooting to the diamond version of this card. Has all the cheesy plays to go with the stats if you can get consistent with him.
  • Defence: Not an ELITE defender but seems to find himself in the passing-lane a lot and stopping that fast break. Very good off-ball defender with a great Lateral quickness for on the ball.
  • Plays: like I said before - this card has all the cheesy plays to get him open for three.
  • Takeover: IT’S OVER. GG. DOES NOT MISS. (Sharpshooting and slashing)


  • Unreliable Shooter - although the cards stats say his a great shooter - for me - he was only hitting them if they were in the corner or greens. I ran so many plays with him getting him WIDE-open multiple times, although he struggled to constantly knock them down. For the 12 games I used him - he shot very very poorly.
  • Gets tired quickly - don’t know why, but I’d do a few moving behind the backs, cross overs, step backs and he’d just get tired REALLY quickly. If someone with HOF Defensive Stopper is guarding him, expect to have no stamina left. That could just be me and the way I play but it really made it a struggle to use him.
  • Layup and Dunk animations: okay, so. VC has great animations, and great badges to go with them. ALTHOUGH, the dude just doesn’t dunk, he could have a wide open lane with only 1 defender between him and the rim but chooses a weak layup that doesn’t go in. His animations are very inconsistent and hard to gage. Very frustrating considering how good his stats and tendencies are. With only a 45 driving layup tendency this shouldn’t be happening.
  • ISO game: The card has decent dribble animations, but they seem super slow and don’t beat people off the dribble.

Best Strategy:

  • Use him in the pick & pop: Get yourself some bigs that can shoot and cheese the sh*t out of the pick & pop. It’s leaves the paint more open for him and his hard to stop at the rim.
  • Don’t use him like his Pink Diamond Klay. He can shoot the ball but don’t use him like a knock down shooter. His a good shooter just inconsistent.
  • Try and run your offence through him. Virtually using him as your primary ball handler. People will help off on him and you can just dish out.

Use if: You want a player that can virtually do it all. Doesn’t excel at anything but is average to good at everything. You just have to get used to him and know how to use him.

Don't use if: You want a reliable bucket getter. Can score the ball but only when you don’t want him to. If you get what I mean.

Better options: Brandon Roy or Kobe.

Bottom Line: Great card to have just so you can brag about it. Can be a killer card IF used properly. Still better options out there. Although, still an all around fun player to use.

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    Thank you for the honest review. It's interesting you mention the layups. I watched multiple videos and say the same thing. It seemed to happen way too frequently. I haven't had a chance to try him yet personally but it looked like it was a trend. Surprising for what this card should be like.


    Very disappointing, they seem to have everything right about the card. For some reason, it just doesn’t translate on the game.


    no offense, but im a shooter. I can adapt to pretty much anyones release. Vince carter release is sooooo easy. if he has a tiny bit of space (Contested) its gold. His animations are also very good. I'm not sure what cards (Shoes, and coaching) you are adding to him but hes OP in the right hands.


    Yeah, I agree. He has a pretty great release. Just doesn’t hit them consistently. Well - considering. I never said his animations were bad? In fact; I said they were great.


    any shoe recommendations for vince?


    What are his dribble animations? Moving behind the back, spin, moving cross etc.


    I knew something was gonna be off with Vince Carter because of how inconsistent his amethyst was and the amethyst looked amazing for a card that early in the game. His release is smooth everything about it should be nice but instead he full whites and misses with a 99 3ball. Another thing bad about this Vince is the layup package and dribble moves, Vince has Kyrie's layup package so if you try to euro or try and do a behind-the-back lay it is going to be super slow. Vince also has horrible dribble moves other than his moving through-the-legs and cheesy behind the back. His hesitation is really slow and he struggles to dribble a lot. and his moving rhythm dribbles are just sub-par too. I don't expect this Vince to be a dribble god but the dribble moves aren't the greatest.

    I love this card when it's consistent but when it's not his flaws all show.


    Yea I have legit the same issue! I sold Brandon Roy who literally dunked everything! For this man and he doesn’t even pretend to try to dunk. It really annoys the life out of me that he is just not the dunk god that Vince actually is and was. It’s so frustrating when he goes for a layup when I needed him to throw down a man jam. Kills the card for me, my team is stacked and I thought he would fit my slashing squad perfectly but I have been thoroughly disappointed. He can’t even posterize centers that don’t have hof rim protector and that’s ridiculous because all of his dunk stats are 99. This is honestly the biggest 2k move ever, make a god card, arbitrarily nerf it.