Mohamed Bamba ruby card
89 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 83 OUT
  • 39 PLY
  • 78 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 92 REB

Budget Ruby Star

Written by GlassFalcon

I've bought the new Mo Bamba and it has surprised me a lot, here comes the review:

Shooting: He's a tall guy who can score from almost anywhere and his open 3 pointer is unvelievable.

Defense: What do you expect from a guy with a 7'9'' wingspan? He's an insane shot blocker and can record a bunch of steals in the perimeter.

Rebounding: He's a great rebounder and he comes with the advantage of his long arms, so he can grab a board much easier than any other Center with shorter arms.

Speed: He's a fast young guy who can stand in the court for good minutes but don't give him the ball out of his shooting range because with the ball he's as slow as a snail.

Playmaking: He's not the guy who gets assists so just give him the ball when he's open and he will get you a bucket.

Best style of play: 5 out or the Pick&Roll

Overall: Budget superstar (about 2K MT right now) who you should definitely get.

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