'05 Manu Ginobili diamond card
94 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 90 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 85 DEF
  • 58 REB

Best TDIH Card by F

Written by BG99

This is a review on the challenge reward earlier this week. This card is a great card and I run him as my backup point off my bench behind Grant Hill and the results are very good. I am currently shooting 72% from the field and 80% percent from three with this card while averaging 6 a game off the bench, no joke, after my first 5 full mtu games with him. Here is what I picked up on the card.

Bought for: Free, Challenge


  • Layups- really good at getting green releases and drawing fouls for me.
  • Standing Shot 3pt: Really good and easy to green when left wide open and can hit a contested 3 every now and then
  • Mid Range: Absolutely money and hits a lot of them easier. I added a open mid range shoe to the card making it 99 with boost and it makes him so much better.
  • Moving Shots: Manu cards so far are some of the best in the game for this and this card is absolute cash moving with HOF Difficult shots.
  • Passing- has passing stats of a point guard and great ball control making this card fun to run at point.


  • Rebounding: Most people will run him at point guard so this weakness won’t be a problem.
  • Defense: This card is not tall or bulky like a small forwards being run at point which can lead to abusing and backing down but I have found a helpful tip by putting the shoe on him that adds not just mid range but larger so quickness making it solid for a guard and allowing him to stay in front of defenders easily. Also adding defensive badges like pick dodger helps.
  • Dunking: This is a weakness for me because I like to attack the rim with whoever I am running at point and with bad ratings limits that. Can dunk when open but don’t attack the rim a lot with this card. Be crafty with it.
  • Release: Very slow standing making it difficult to get good looks due to the time but it is really easy to green. It takes to release but the moving shot is a lot better in my opinion making this card deadly.

Recommended Strategy: "Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post moves, etc"

Other Comments: Get a diamond mid range shoe that also boosts larger so quickness to make this card better at offense and defense.

Use if: "You want an solid playmaking point guard"

Don't use if: "You want to slash and cheese at point guard”

Bottom Line: Best free card in my opinion and a great card for budget, average squads and god squads in cases.

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