'98 David Robinson diamond card
95 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 53 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 88 REB

Stronger than Oden

Written by NHeater98

Hi everyone guys and good evening, as you know yesterday it has been released Hall of Famers collection (with Karl Malone Galaxy Opal final rewards) one of them is David Robinson ''The Admiral'' Diamond. Today we're going to talk about this very strong player. I Hope you like it. Good reading!

Bought for: 42,250 MT {small snipe - 04/06/2019} with 2 contracts (PS4)


Inside scoring: oh yeah! The Admiral appears with 95 in all the statistics of the dunks (standing, contact and driving), this guy is very incredibile, when you go to the rim you have to do only one thing: destroy the opponent.

Post control: 97, 94 and 97, is that enough? I think yes. I love this player, in post it is really a security, you will never leave it again. Simply Admiral.

Standing Shot 3pt: o my God! A very surprise for me, the 79 3pt (standing) is a fake 85-90, with me he never misses. The only bad thing I can tell you is the moving shoot (54), but it's not important for him. Pick & popper HOF all greens!

Athleticism: 86 speed, 86 acceleration, 95 vertical, 95 strength, 95 stamina, 66 hustle and 95 overall durability. 86 speed and 86 acceleration? It's a joke? He is a lightning! It's a center, and when you score already it will be under your basket to defend the rim.

Defense: really funny, best defensive center in the game right now. All greens stats, but the thing really that I don't expect is the lateral quickness (87), this high statistic is very rare for the centers and 87 for a 7'1'' center is a very jackpot.

Rebounding: not to much the statistics, but the statistics are not very high to be a center but the height compensates for everything. It really steals so many rebounds, trust me. Robinson doesn't have Hustle Rebounder HOF, It is really a pity.

Animations: if I tell you that it has a really quick shot is that enough for you? I think you want to know the rest. in moving is quite slow, but you never shot with him like that. concerning animations in post they may seem cumbersome, but in reality they are very good. The dunks animations are really strong, in driving has a limited package and in most cases it makes a dunk reverse hardly stoppable. Standing is the same of the others center, normal.

Badges: Robinson has 6 HOF badges: pick & popper, tirelles scorer, relentless finisher, lob-city finisher, posterizer and rim protector. The badge that really makes the difference in this player is the pick & popper badge, if you use the right playmaker with the right badge you make all greens.

Weaknesses: after trying it out, I can tell you that it has no weak point. The only factor I can mention, not to mention as a weak point, is the playmaking but obviously it's not important for a center. However it's not a really weak point, with a shoe that increases speed with the ball he will have 74 speed with the ball, absurd for a center.

Recommended strategy: "Post moves, catch & shoot, pick & pop and constantly attacks the basket. "

Recommended shoes: ''Kobe AD Mid white, Foamposite or PG 2k17 (all nikes).''

Recommended badges: ''Limitless range and deep-range deadeye.''

Use if: "if you want the strongest buyable center of the game at the moment (stronger than Oden). The less strong, buyable version of Wilt Galaxy Opal.''

Don't use if: "if you hate him or if you prefer predominantly pure stretch centers, such as Sabonis, Porzingis or Marc Gasol."

Even today if you are reading here it means (and I hope) that you enjoyed my review and I hope that you have removed some doubts regarding this player. Thank you so much for reading and as always I wish you a good continuation!

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