'12 Baron Davis pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 87 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 94 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 69 REB

Extremely Fun Player to Use

Written by IHateOffballers

Bought for: 45,000 MT


  • Inside scoring: Amazing dunker, even on Eurostep And Hopstep Dunks he still pulls out windmills/360s and whatnot. He also makes a lot of tough layups, hall of fame Acrobat is a super slept on badge.
  • Shooting: For anyone who used his diamond, it’s the same release, so really smooth, solid green window, relatively fast. I haven’t used a Baron card in a while so when I first got him it took a few games to get used to his release again, but with HOF Limitless and Catch & Shoot With Gold in all the other important shooting badges, along with 95s down the line in 3 point shooting and 96s in mid, he definitely makes a lot of shots. With basically any decent coach he has 99 open both mid and 3 as well. His moving shot is just as easy to green as his standing shot as well, don’t sleep on it.

-Badges: He has some of the best collection of hall of fame badges in the game. Only 6 other players in the game rn have both HOF limitless and HOF posterizer, a list that includes the limited versions of Vince Carter, Brandon Roy and Gilbert Arenas as well as PD Tracy Mcgrady Carmelo Anthony and and the Rewards JR Smith. All of those cards were incredibly expensive at the point where they were released and even to this day most are super expensive. The cheapest from that list (Limited Arenas) still isn’t BIN to this day despite being 6’3 (or at least he wasn’t last time I checked). Baron is a mere 45k already and will prob drop even more which is insane. He also has HOF pick pocket (which is super OP) the aforementioned underrated Acrobat, HOF Tireless Scorer (another one of the best HOF badges), catch & Shoot, and then a couple other that are nice to have but aren’t as important. I wish they gave him HOF Dimer or Difficult Shots for kicks too but you can’t get everything for 45k obviously.

  • Defense: On ball defense against anyone 6’6 or under is amazing thanks to HOF pick pocket, 98 steal, 92 shot contest and 95 Lateral Quickness. Against Clyde Drexler he did an ok job defending him, got a couple steals and contested most jump shots but also got driven on a little. I played against TBE Magic in one TTO game and the guy obviously posted me up and got his buckets, but 66 strength and 92 shot contest makes him usable in TTO for me at least. If you’re good at contesting shots and know when to jump, he’ll get you at least a couple stops, which in TTO is all you can really ask for tbh. If you’re good offensively in TTO I feel like you only really need 3 stops/forced TOs a game. Also to clarify, this is all with onball defense. -Dribble Moves: I’m no dribble god, but i’m Not the worst ISO player either. His behind the back and hesi are really nice for me, his momentum cross obviously isn’t a Giannis like cheese move but it’s solid against onball defense, and his size up and triple threat size up is the same as Harden’s I believe which is one of my favorites in the game. Super fun to use.


  • Size: Ya this one was probably obvious, at 6’3 he just can’t cover your Typical Magic Johnson’s or your average PD small forward cheesers. With that said, he’s the second most usable 6’3 or smaller guard i’ve Used in this game, and only second to PD Arenas, who for some reason was surprisingly decent at occasionally stopping Magic post game cheese for me. Baron’s nearly as good as him in that aspect, and much better than Jimmer, Trae Young, Westbrook, and a few other traditional guards i’ve Used. Also his rebounding rating is solid for a PG, not Westbrook like, but when you’re 6’3 I feel like your very affects rebounding almost as much as your actual rebounding rating anyways.

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, pull up from Limitless Range, 3 point plays, some moving kids if you’re in a pickle

Other Comments: (optional) I’ve kind of reached the point in this game where i’m not Having that much fun even though I have a solid-ish lineup, and this card’s brought some of that feeling back. Against offball cheesers with Giannis at PG I keep Baron on the bench and run an all switch lineup exclusively of 6’9 or up players who can all defend really well, but against players who actually like to play the game, i move Baron to my starting lineup and call ISOs til he gets the Gatorade symbol. Super fun to use, but that’s partially because I have the luxury of not having to use him against cheesers.

Use if: You want to have fun at the game.

Don't use if: You’re offballing scum. An alternative i’d Suggest would be waiting on the main menu until the demo game shows up since you like CPU defense so much!

Bottom Line: Great value for mt, super fun player to ISO with.

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