'65 Bob Pettit opal card
99 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 77 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 99 REB

Bob Wettit

Written by paytowin69

GODLIKE Thank god 2k finally released some nasty cards in the token market I was getting so impatient but my patience was worth it. I've been sitting on 1200 tokens for the past 3 months waiting on some new content and they finally delivered in a bigger way than I imagined.

First off if you didn't lock in Malone and have the tokens to get this card I strongly recommend you get him over Eglin and A.I. He can play the 2-4 imo, having base 11 with hof limitless and deep range its hard to get any cheesier. Not to mention he has 86 ball control. I threw a diamond kyrie shoe on him and his takeover stays at sharp and glass. His defense is elite, I'm more of an onball player cause I actually like to have fun with the game but offballed you will love this card immensely lol.

Dribble Moves- Doesn't have a cheesy behind the back in transition dribble, he however has a very nice cross in transition kind of like Giannis in quickness. He can momentum however so if you slap ankle breaker on him he will catch some ankles not often, but the dribble moves are there.

Post offense- he has a very nice post hook and fade away once you get them down I'm running him at SF currently and he doesn't even get lightly contested when I fade or hook on defenders 6'8 and below. I can't say if it would be the same on a 7 footer. However you can definitely use those post moves nicely.

Shooting- I'm not gonna get to deep into this category because he's such a good shooting card it's unfair, and not almost unfair literally unfair. Granted I have been used to base 11 since I got AK47 in December so I'm very familiar with his release already. Not much else to say other than one of the best shooting cards in the game.

Defense- You can run this card 1-5 if you really wanted to however with certain matchups it will be hard to defend a Sabonis or Wilt so I would suggest 2-4 as I mentioned earlier you'll get the most out of his defense at those positions.

Bottom line- My favorite card in the game probably for the rest of the year, he can do it all and would be an insane addition to your team if you have the tokens for him.

ps. This review was based off 3 Myteam Online games and 5 TTO games so I did use him a bit at the SF position. Also don't hesitate to pick up that Brandon Ingram and Trevor Ariza if you got some spare tokens and don't want to save them those are also very nice cards for the amount of tokens.

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    how do you get a lot of tokens?


    I just set a goal everyday to achieve 20 tokens a day and just saved up. A lot of offline and online Triple Threat. generally I play about 2-4 hours a day depending on the day and how much time I have. Just think of this this way if you can get 15 tokens a day at least for 30 days straight that 450 tokens. so it adds up fast as long as you're staying on top of it and getting all the locker codes that 2k puts out on twitter anybody can get a Galaxy Opal if they put in the time


    Preciate it


    you spend a lot of money on virtual cards that will be worthless in 6 moths


    I have spent money on the game but this card was solely off tokens so it was free. I just grinded tto and got locker codes from twitter and saved up my tokens that's all. Everyone enjoys there lives in their own way. 6 months in a long time of enjoying something I put time into I regret nothing.


    well said, that is all i got to say


    are you in good shape? do you have a job?


    Do you,Mad cause you dont have a life, no job, not in good shape and dont have good cards.