Jamal Crawford pinkdiamond card
96 Overall
  • 84 INS
  • 94 OUT
  • 89 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 41 REB

fun card but not great

Written by playersunknownfartingground

Bought for: 43k mt


  • Amazing dribble moves
  • Ankle eater
  • Really fun card
  • Clean jump shot
  • Good shooting stats


  • Can't defend
  • 6'5 as a shooting guard is kinda small, i run him at point
  • No steal

Recommended Strategy:

  • iso, spot up shooter, mainly those two

  • He has not dunk stats so i wouldn't recommend driving as much but the layup is there
  • also has no post game


If you want a fun card to use that isn't too op but has high scoring potential, get this card. If you see one for about 50k then pick him up if you like someone who can shoot and handle the ball well. If you're rebuilding then i wouldn't recommend this team as much as magic or penny.

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