Derrick White diamond card
93 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 88 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 94 ATH
  • 95 DEF
  • 59 REB

Two-Way guard

Written by GlassFalcon

Great all around card, bought for 35K more or less.

Shooting: Insane mid-range shooter, also good near the rim. At long range I recommend Dwane Casey for having a 83 open three which isn't too bad

Playmaking: Insane playmaker (really good for the 5 assists he got), also really good in the pick and roll.

Defense: Insane outside defender and stealer but he can't guard any LeBron or Giannis at PG. But he is higher than most PGs, so he has advantage against actual guards, but will choke against big PGs.

Rebounding: Too bad for the 5 boards he got. Should be about 70.

Athleticism: Actually fast and can last long games without missing his signature mid-range shots.

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