'05 Grant Hill pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 92 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 92 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 89 DEF
  • 84 REB

All-Around Monster

Written by TerribleSHooter

Bought for: 180,000 MT


  • Shooting: Can hit the open shot and has some nice HoF badges. He's deadly off the dribble from mid-range and is great at spotting up behind the arc. The release is pretty smooth albeit a little slow.
  • Defense: Card is an AWESOME defender, has all the badges you need for perimeter defense. Usually gets 1-3 automatic steals for me, he's a great card to slap on your opponent's PG and his high strength for a wing lets him hold his own in the paint as well. Maybe not as nice as Kawhi or Pippen on D due to frames, but he's pretty much lockdown in most scenarios.
  • Shot Creating/Ball-handling: Dude can make things happen when you give him the ball. Has solid dribble animations and can create space for a shot or drive in for a dunk.
  • Playmaking: God damn, they did not have to give this guy HoF Dimer and PnR Maestro but they went ahead and did it and it's fucking awesome. Great badges for running at point.
  • Athleticism: Dude is fast as fuck and has a GREAT layup and dunking package. He can slam it down and make lots of heavily contested layups with HoF Acrobat and Relentless Finisher.


  • Release Speed: Gonna be a slow for those of you used to Base 11, but I'm growing to like it with practice. Definitely smoother than Magic's release.
  • Post Game: Wish they gave him at least a mid-80s rating for his fade because the animation is smooth as hell, but I put a shoe on him to boost it and it's still pretty solid. His hook is non-existent and he doesn't have any other good animations here so he's not somebody I'd post up with a lot.

Recommended Strategy: Run him at PG. PnR ball-handler, Spot-up Shoot, Drive, ISO, Pull-up midrange

Recommended Shoe/Badges Pink Adidas Superstar is perfect for him, maxes out his SWB and Steal and boosts his fade a little bit. Only badges he really needs are Bruiser and Limitless Range (Maybe Rim Protector if you run a switch-all defense) but he already has everything everything else you need.

Use if: You want one of the best auctionable cards in the game with an extremely well-rounded game who's an absolute beast at the point

Don't use if: You're strict about quick releases or you're dead broke (He'll probably fall to 100-150K in a few days, so there's not many excuses not to target him at that point)

Bottom Line: AMAZING card. A Top 10 card in the game right now and probably a Top 3 auctionable card. Might be the best card to run at point at the moment. Buy/Target this guy ASAP!

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    Great Review! Baught him Yesterday. He is one of the best Cards in the Game. But you forget a hugh weekness, he has no personalty badges, so its takes much longer to get him in Takeover... and so on..


    Yes, that's a big issue with him and I wonder if it was intentional by 2K or not. Wish he had Microwave and Floor General.


    The Rewards Card also have no personalty badges ... maybe 2k dont want him to strong.


    I figure it's a small nerf on him. Kinda pointless though, he's already close to a hidden GO, might as well go all the way and make him a beast


    lmao I didn't even know those did anything


    Have u noticed anything odd about his layup package by chance? Ive been loving the card these past few days, but I just keep noticing how often he gets blocked going for weak layups, and I wanted to know if anyone else had experienced this too.


    Happens sometimes for me too, he triggers that stupid underhand one really early. He gets some nice finishes sometimes too though.


    I remember in 2k16 his amethyst was my favorite card in the game, even better than diamond Vince. His release for me is super cash so idk why you think it's slow.


    It is on the longer side compare to base 8/11 but very greenable. Such a beastly card for only 150k, he is basically a budget Lebron.


    What about his duo with diamond laettner ?