Kawhi Leonard pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 74 PLY
  • 91 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 77 REB

97 PD Kawhi Review

Written by Rotura

This card is special.

I know many people will be wondering if this card is worth the upgrade over his fan favourite throwback elite card, and allow me to tell you.

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: Kawhi is a terrific slasher, his animations are so fast and straight to the point. Nothing flashy but who needs flash when the opposing centre is down on the ground?

  • Standing Shot 3pt: His 3 is down by 2 to his 95 diamond, but with his easy to time release he is still a solid shooter, especially with his newly added 3pt plays with this card, which are honestly amazing if you know good 3pt plays to run.

  • Defence: Everyone knows how kawhi gets down on defence so I won't talk too much about it, but his huge improvement to post defence makes him a complete god for TTO, at times he could've got bullied in the post with tho tto mismatches, but no longer.

Post fade: Received a big boost and is unstoppable. If someone's offballing, just hit them with the good old reliable.

Rebounding: Also has been boosted significantly and can grab some clutch boards for your team.

Badges: The 6 extra HOF Badges make kawhi the complete card on myteam, I can't even imagine an opal kawhi. Hof posterizer just makes him a slashing god, even though he already was.

Weaknesses: -?

Recommended Strategy: Drive 1v1, get steal and run fastbreak, run 3pt plays, pick and roll/pop, post fade.

Use if: "You want an athletic, pretty much the best defender in the game, aside from opals Maybe, and a card that can knockdown the 3 and has so many reliable options on offense.

Don't use if: "You're happy with the 95 kawhi or can't afford.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, I'd say the upgrade is worth it, this card just feels so much better than the 95 kawhi, the badges just make him even greater, although his 95 is still a fantastic card, I just believe this new 97 is certainly worth a pick up.

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