'95 Michael Jordan opal card
99 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 90 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 85 REB

GO Michael Jordan Review

Written by Hyphennn

Hello everyone , last time you saw me I was doing a PD LeBron James Review , and since the pack gods have been good to me I have had the luxury of pulling GO Mike! In summary , this card is incredible and I definitely believe this is a card that will age wonderfully with the meta. Everything about this card is reliable , the inside scoring , animations , and the outside scoring too is an improvement from other MJ cards.

Bought for: Packed out of a 20!


  • Inside scoring: This card is absolutely insane driving to the cup. The animations combined with the stats of MJ make this card extremely useful inside and you'll find yourself getting lots of fouls and contested layups to go down for you.

  • Post Scoring - Great fadeaway that usually goes in with a good release.

  • Outside shooting - The card has a 99 three with coach and when I used it without a shoe the takeover was shot creating sharpshooter! Very quick shot but def takes some time to get used to , and can occasionally hit that deeeeep three that changes games.

  • Athleticism and defense - This card has incredible speed and I actually find myself out-speeding multiple defenders when getting steals , which in the area of defense this card is superb and is truly lockdown when it comes to guarding 1-3 and sometimes 4.

  • THIS CARD DOESN'T PLAY AS 6'6 it plays much bigger , which is amazing , all in all a very well rounded and great card.


This isn't really a weakness but I sure which this card had HOF Limitless and other HOF shooting badges , but hey Jordan wasn't even a shooter like that :)

Recommended Strategy: Do whatever you want fr , the card is multi dimensional and can even act as a PG

Other Comments: - This is def a TOP 10 player in the game no doubt

Use if: Bro use the damn card

Don't use if: You hate greatness

Bottom Line: I'm a LeBron fan but one thing I'll admit is this card is better than Bron's :(

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    I have the PD, should I buy this one?


    I tried the PD one and its great but i now have the Galaxy Opal and BRUH..... This card.. This card right here.. #1 SG in the game(not including limited). I play alot of triple threat. A LOT. I easily can score 21 points with Jordan alone. His jumper is so smooth.. So fucking smooth you couldnt miss wide open even if you wanted to. I put on the orange jordans with contest 3 and speed w ball, and use Coach kurr/popavich/or casey.


    Honestly when people offball me on tto Jordan just makes it look like nothing lmfao... This card is phenomenal


    It just me or does this card have no stamina


    I def feel the same


    What shoe or badges did you put on him?

    I went with the wolf grey 12’s since almost every stat is pretty high i thought why not make moving 3 and speed with ball 100.

    Also he almost has every badge possible all i could add was: putback king, PnR, hustle reb, flashy passer, rim protector and i still have an available slot. I feel like the only good addition was rim protector, what badges did you add?


    You need bruiser on all your players fool