Anthony Davis amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 86 INS
  • 77 OUT
  • 50 PLY
  • 80 ATH
  • 84 DEF
  • 81 REB

Best PF in the game

Written by nwriight31

I had been using Rookie Larry Bird as my starting PF, but I wanted more size and defense. So I decided to get this card and move Larry to the bench and my team is so much better. I got the diamond PG shoe with open 3 point boost and the dynamic duo for this card with Jrue. Also badged him out and added some useful badges.

Bought for: 38k MT


  • Inside scoring: Great at finishing near the rim, I added relentless finisher and posterizer so he finishes over anyone. Using him in the pick and roll game is unstoppable because of how quick he is.
  • 3 point shooting: with the shoe and dynamic duo his open 3 is an 84. Davis also has one of the easiest releases in the game for a big man. I also upgraded his pick and popper badge and added catch and shoot and corner specialist which really help.
  • Defense: Davis is the most disruptive power forward in the game right now on defense. When using him on ball, he can defend any position capably, but the best defensive part of his game is how much he can affect plays off ball. The CPU controlling Davis usually gets me at least one block and steal per game. Adding defensive stopper and rim protector makes this card unstoppable. -Athleticism: Davis has tremendous athleticism for a PF. Good lateral quickness and speed for a PF and 2k finally gave him decent strength on his base card. There really isn’t a good way to contain this card as he is far more athletic than traditional 4s and he is 6’10” and 250 with a huge wingspan so no stretch 4 can contain him.


  • his contested 3 is not super high so trying to center your offense around his 3 point shooting doesn’t work. He drills every open one, but don’t expect him to hit contested shots.
  • no hall of fame badges means that in a couple months there will be better cards than this.

Recommended Strategy

  • Pick and Roll/ Pop: upgrade both of these badges to gold and watch Davis score on every shot. Take open threes and roll to the basket/ if the defense switches a guard on him score from the post.
  • Catch and shoot: if Davis gets open 3s don’t hesitate to shoot.
  • Davis has decent handles to help spark your teams transition game, but having him handle in half court sets leads to turnovers.

Other Comments

  • I really like the dynamic duo he has with Jrue Holliday it makes both players pretty dangerous. I also found that Jrue has good defense and size/ can hit open shots and playmake well. I’d recommend using it unless you have curry or like to play through your point guard in isolation.
  • haven’t really used him at center much, but I’d assume he would do pretty well unless he was playing a huge player like over 7’2”

Use if: "You want the most athletic and versatile PF in the game right now. Even if you usually play with a smaller 4 like I do try this card.

Don't use if you have heat check Davis or a diamond

Bottom Line: "one of the best cards in the game right now absolutely unstoppable

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