'10 Dirk Nowitzki pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 60 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 87 DEF
  • 96 REB

98 Ovr Dirk Review

Written by xTB33x

Hey everyone, before I review this 98 ovr Dirk Nowitzki there is a small disclaimer: I've only used the amy version of Dirk so far as the 97 was missing a few things I wanted that this card now has. Thus, I will reference to the 97 occasionally for the sake of comparison but only by using the differences that I see on paper, not from first-hand experience unfortunately.

Bought for: 165,000 MT


  • Post Game: This is nothing new with Dirk, same sweet post animations as every other version of him except the actual stats are at their peak level (assuming he doesn't receive an opal now). On top of that, he comes strapped with HOF Post Spin Technician which is always a reliable tool to help get buckets down low this year.
  • HOF Badges: And here is the first comparison to the 97. This 98 has every HOF badge the 97 does + HOF Hustle Rebounder, Mid Range Deadeye, and Post Spin Technician. Each of these is incredibly useful for this card in particular, and all of the HOF shooting badges are practically unheard of to every PF other than Dirk himself so far.
  • Improved Defense: Considering that I used to think that amy Dirk was pretty good, the upgraded defense on this 98 make it look downright pitiful. Although he's still missing some defensive starter badges such as Rim Protector, 98 Dirk can for sure hold his own in the paint now with a much higher block rating, shot contest, etc.
  • Step-Back and Moving Behind-the-Back: Do not try any other type of dribble moves but these ones. Trust me, they both create plenty of space and don't make him fumble all over himself like the others do. Plus, NOBODY expects them and it's pretty entertaining when you pull them off.


  • Athleticism: Nobody uses a Dirk Nowitzki card for his athletic prowess, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. As mentioned earlier though, it's not all bad given that his other versions are far worse at keeping up with everyone else on the court.
  • Rebounding: Despite having HOF Hustle Rebounder and a +40 upgrade to his vertical from the 97, I've found that 98 Dirk doesn't really travel far from his original spot to get boards. I guess it could be his rebounding animations, though I'm not entirely sure, but it's wise to keep a bigger C on the floor with him to help in that area.
  • Shot Creating: His slow-ish release and abysmal speed with ball mean that opportunities to score are reduced a bit, however having such a great post game, pick and fade element, and shooting ability helps overcome this. Basically, Dirk isn't meant to start possessions by facilitating, rather he's meant to end them by scoring himself.

Recommended Strategy: Post Up High, Trailer 3's, Pick and Fade, Utilize HOF Difficult Shots

Recommended Shoes: Lebron 15 or any other shoe with +5 lateral quickness to be honest

Recommended Badges: Rim Protector, Defensive Stopper, Chase Down Artist, Relentless Finisher, Acrobat, Dimer, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket

Other Comments: He has the same player model as the amy by the way, caught me off guard to see that the hairy gorilla came back for more.

Use if: You want the purest stretch 4 in the game.

Don't use if: You want a lockdown defender or an athletic specimen.

Words of Wisdom: I myself went from using Bill Russell to using this 98 Dirk and, as you can imagine, it took time to adjust because they're polar opposites of each other. I'm sure most of you currently have a PF far more athletic than Nowitzki and can relate to my situation, but I promise if you give it time Dirk will fit right in and be a solid player in your lineup. There's also a big bonus in that he's super unique and fun to use, on top of the fact that he's a very relevant player unlike an Antawn Jamison or someone else who you likely have no irl attachment to.

This is my most detailed review to date so I hope you learned something about this card! If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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    The review looks great!


    Thanks it means a lot, I put some thought into this one for sure!


    Great review! My two PFs are Jamison and PD Griffin. Do you think Dirk is more valuable than these two? In other words, would you recommend him over them?


    Thanks! In my opinion, it's not worth it to go out of your way to exchange Jamison but Griffin could definitely be replaced. I went from using Bill Russell, who is an elite version of Blake minus a 3 ball, to using Dirk who already shoots better than Griffin anyways. It would be a smoother transition without Russell in the mix because he's so athletic, and pound-for-pound I'd say Dirk's your guy! Also, my starting PF's this year were actually Griffin-Duncan-Russell-Dirk so let me know if you have other questions about them.


    I just picked up PD Cousins to replace my starting center Sabonis who moved to the bench. Sabonis bumped out diamond Porzingis, who I've considered moving to PF. Out of Blake, Porzingis, or Dirk, who would you suggest? I'm thinking Dirk, but I'd really only get him if he drops to a buy now. I guess you could also add Wes Unseld into the mix, but he's a little undersized for my liking.


    I think it's personal preference at this point, but I can say that Porzingis is pretty much budget Dirk and the decision should be between those two. Keep your eyes peeled on Dirk's price though, I bought mine for 165k mt in the afternoon but at night I saw a couple go for around 110k mt which had me rethinking my life's decisions lol.