'07 Hedo Turkoglu amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 81 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 84 PLY
  • 82 ATH
  • 75 DEF
  • 71 REB

I like it

Written by GodLikeKid

Disclaimer: This review has been written after the base 11 patch. Date of 5/15/19

This player in my honest opinion is very very cheesy.

His jumper is cash, he has a normal open shot 3 of a 90 and 94-95 with a good coach. This card can put in some absolute work when it comes down to it. For him being 6'10 he has guard like dribble moves. You can run him at the 1-4 position but I do not recommend running him at the 1. Best recommend to run him at the 2 position, he'll for the most part have the height advantage at 6'10 at that position. He can also speed boost and shoot very well of the dribble and can make contested shots and difficult shots consistently with the correct badges applied on this card. He has a very easy off-dribble shot to time, one of the best pull up jumper packages in the game.

Bought for: 20,000 MT with diamond contract and open 3 ball shoe

Strengths: -Scoring open shots -Creates own space very well -Can shoot off the dribble -Good dribble moves -Height advantage

Weaknesses: -Defense: "As expected out of a offensive beast, he can be a liability on defense, low lateral quickness and low on-ball defense IQ, but if you're a good defender in general, you can clamp up." -Rebounding: "Not the best rebounder out there but put gold hustle rebounder and with the height he can grab a decent about of boards." -Post Game: "Not the strongest and not the best post player but he can do a little work down low on smaller guards.

Recommended Strategy: "Score and Score, with the guys jumper, you can time it very easily, you can get open easily also and you can do pretty much everything offensively. Create your own shots and be the secret dribble head that you are."

Use if: "Looking for a primary scorer in triple threat or a offensive wing and iso player in unlimited. Want a very reliable and consistent scorer."

Don't use if: "You want a all-around defensive beast who can score and defend. You need someone who can rebound and do everything else but score. Have a god squad, this guy wont help as much as other players will."

Bottom Line: "Very good card to pick up, after the base 11 patch you can snatch up for more or less than 8,000k MT. Very cheap and still a good and reliable. Pick in up for your squad if you're a budget baller."

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