'94 Hakeem Olajuwon pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 62 PLY
  • 89 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 98 REB

Defensive Monster

Written by BwopNation

Hello guys, I decided to submit a review on this Olajuwon because there were no reviews and I wanted to let you guys know how good this card actually is. He comes with 14 Hall of Fame badges. I used him in the freelance set '4 Out 1 In' and he was usually the guy that was in the paint. I would do many pick and rolls and pick and fades with him. My favorite part about this card is his defense, which we will get to soon.

Bought for: Packed (Throwback Playoff Moments 20 Box)


  • Defense: In my opinion, he is the best defensive center in the game. He forces a lot of center's in a position where they will get blocked or miss the shot. What I mean by that is, he forces center's into terrible animations and most of the time the shot doesn't fall. Even looking at his defensive stats and badges, it's almost a given that he will be good at defense. He comes equipped with 'Rim Protector', 'Defensive Stopper' and 'Bruiser'. All of his defensive stats are 98's (On-Ball Defense IQ, Pick and Roll Defense IQ, Help Defense IQ and Low Post Defense IQ). Him also being 7'0 with a 98 block and shot contest really helps as well. He is averaging 3 steals a game for me (although his steal is only a 61) and 2 blocks a game. He has an 85 lateral quickness as well, which is EXCELLENT for a center, I don't think I have used a center with that high of lateral quickness in this game. When I was playing unlimited and Stephen Curry was calling for screens and we needed to switch, he was able to guard him very well.
  • Post Scoring: He excels at scoring in the post as well. He comes with a lot of Hall of Fame post scoring badges, which are; 'Up and Under Specialist', 'Drop Stepper' and 'Post Spin Technician'. I was using him in the post for post spins and drop steps and he was getting open layups/dunks a lot of the time in the paint. If the person you are going up against is playing on-ball with the center, it makes things much easier when it comes to scoring in the post. He also has a really good post hook and fadeaway, which I take advantage of. He really is a machine in the post.
  • Rebounding: He is a very good rebounder as well. He has 98's across the boards for rebounding. I originally bought him because I needed a tall center that could play defense because I was running boogie at the center position and I found that although Hakeem is only 1' taller, he was grabbing more boards against some of the taller centers in the game. He is also equipped with Hall of Fame 'Hustle Rebounder', which helps a lot as well.
  • Outside Scoring: He is a very good shooter as well. He has a 96 mid-range shot and 86 open shot three. I equipped the white Kobe AD's on him and his 3 is now a 95 (D'Antoni boost as well). When calling pick and fades with this guy, his mid-range is money and his 3pt attempts go in a good amount of the time as well. He does come with 'Pick and Popper' and 'Mid-Range Deadeye' Hall of Fame, which helps a lot in his percentages of shots fading off of the screen.


  • Jumpshot Animation: This is one of his weaknesses in my opinion. For some of you, you may like his jumpshot but I personally do not like his jumpshot. I feel as if it is hard to get green and it reminds me a lot of Ralph Sampson's jumpshot. His jumpshot is more on the slow side as well. However, if you are able to time it correctly, you may be able to get it green quite frequently.
  • Speed: I expected Hakeem to have a little bit more speed. He currently has an 80 speed but I do feel as if it should have been a little higher. If you do have D'Antoni or a coach that boosts speed, it can get up to an 84/85. His speed with ball is only a 60 (so you will not be able to speed boost) as well but he is a center, you shouldn't be dribbling with the center anyway.

Recommended Strategy: Pick and roll, Pick and Fades, Post-Scoring.

Use if: "You want a center that can do everything very well. If you are focusing on defense and rebounding this card is perfect for you. He can also hit the mid-range and three ball at a good percentage if you are able to time the release. He barely has any weaknesses as well. The only two weaknesses I see in him are the two that I listed above and they aren't that much of a big deal for a center.

Don't use if: You want a center with a fast release (such as Dave Cowens, Porzingis) that can also dribble the ball. Also, if you care about a center with high speed, you may not want to use him either. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to this card, I would go with Kareem because he is 7'2 and has 87 speed but that Kareem can't really shoot. In my opinion, I would take a hit on the speed by a little bit for a center who can shoot the ball very well.

Bottom Line: He was going for 200K the last time I checked, if you can afford him he is totally worth it. If I had to rate him on a scale from 1-10, I would give him a 9. He is a defensive anchor out there on the floor and is very well-rounded in every category.

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