Deandre Ayton pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 91 OUT
  • 58 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 93 DEF
  • 97 REB

Alley oop machine!

Written by Externel

DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton is an excellent player, he has some limitations, but he has undeniable qualities. I had a little trouble taking control of this player, once we know what his strengths and weaknesses are, he becomes a defensive and offensive monster.

Bought for: 20,000 MT (PC)


Oh my tall man

  • Physics : He is quite exceptional physically, he is 7'1", this gives a great advantage against many of your matchups. What a pleasure to have such a tall, fast and agile guy.

  • Defense : A steel defense, either on the man or to protect the rim, its scale means that you will make many blocks even if you are behind your direct opponent. It can defend on the backcourt on the sequences after a change, this is not a problem but you can be caught up in speed by some Point Guard.


  • Shot close and post : His play at post is very good (even if i've been countered a few times)with his midrange notes you can take your opponent up and down.

Shot Close and post

  • Dunk and Alley oop : Probably its best quality, Ayton dunks are joustic, very powerful and fast i have so far missed only one in about ten games. Good dunk animations. He catches all balls in the air for the alley oops, it's impressive.

Alley oop 1 Alley oop 2 Dunk1 Dunk2

  • Rebound : To get some rebounds Ayton is there, defensively he does the job normally. Offensively he recovered a lot of rebounds, once again the scale helps a lot.

Rebound Rebound


  • 3 points : His 3-point shot is incomprehensible, he can help, but i'm really having trouble with this shot. I missed a lot of open shot, while sometimes he puts unlikely shots.


  • Ball in hand : You can do drive without too much trouble but if he has to keep the ball in his hand it won't work, a lot of steal.

Recommended Strategy: Defense, run and Alley oop !

Use if: You need of a player who is strong defensively, who can stop a lot of Center, and who does the work offensively (rebounds, dunk, alley oop, post)

Don't use if: You need good of a shooter center (he can always use it but don't take it if it's just for that)

Bottom Line: He is a very good player despite a few flaws, he is not expensive for his price he is worth it. I advise you, i share his playing time with DeMarcus, to see if he will keep his place over time.

Sorry for the mistakes and misunderstanding, I'm not English. Do you want more reviews? Need improvement? I like to do that, don't hesitate ;)

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