Lonzo Ball pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 90 REB

Lonzo Ball without the ball

Written by Externel

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo, lonzo, lonzo, a good player but who unfortunately has many flaws. As often i had a really hard time at first before i knew what i had to do with this player, despite everything i don't think i'd keep him in my squad.

Bought for: 20,000 (PC)


  • IQ Defense and Defense : No wonder on this point, he is very strong in defence and especially in pass anticipation. He very often cuts the pass lines which allows to create a transition quickly. His defense on man is very good also he can defend 1,2 and some 3.

IQ Deff

  • Steal : After an excellent defense we can often try to steal, Lonzo does it very well and once again allows to create a fast game.

Steal and dunk

  • Dunk and finish : He is very sober about dunks which allows to ensure the dunk, i haven't done much posting but if there is a little space Lonzo will be able to dunker without any problem. Its dunk animations are quite simple but effective. It also has a very nice finish with or without contact, i was surprised at number of And One I made. It's probably one of his best qualities with the defense.

And One Dunk Dunk

  • Passing : For the moment I haven't missed a pass with Lonzo once, he's strong on this point, whether it's for short pass or long pass.



  • Turn over : I think i've never lost the ball so much with a pure PG, it's effective at intercepting but it's the same for direct opponents, a lot but too many turnovers.


  • Shoot : His shoot is bad, that's of course my opinion and it's quite personal people will like others no but for me it's impossible, he misses shots open at 3 points or mid-range when he has good marks, in a dozen games of not having played a single green.


Recommended Strategy: Fast game (transition) to avoid guarding the ball

Use if: You want an defensive PG with a good finish

Don't use if: You need good shooting

Bottom Line: If fast play is your favorite strategy then maybe this player is right for you, his passes, defense and interception make him a very good fast player. On the other hand if you want to keep the ball, create and shoot I think it's not the right player. You also have to love realease.

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    this is a real review


    Great review, thank you.

    I also just bought this card and can cornfirm it besides the Jumper. I'm actually pretty pleased with his shot but we all know that is just personal opinion. :)


    Thanks for the feedback, actually it depends on timing, if it would have been okay with me i would have put 1 more star.


    Super boulot Externel. Magnifique review.


    Merci beaucoup :D


    Amazing review, for Lonzo's jumpshot, it goes in a lot for me, I don't know why people say he can't shoot. Try adding gold limitless.


    Every review should be like this


    I never saw a review like this! Amazing. Professional. Clear and perfect. I read De'Aaron fox too. I have same doubt of many others him or fox. Now I know. I will try fox!


    Thank you very much for your feedback, as I said earlier if you hesitate, think about playing it in play now to test etwo players shooting times that will help you in your choice.


    True. Very true. This card actually can't shoot whatsoever its crazy


    We need more reviews like this one. Great review


    Yeah, I love this card, it's great inside, but if you want to do a jumpshot, just don't, you will throw up when you watch his jumper