Marvin Bagley III amethyst card
92 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 87 OUT
  • 52 PLY
  • 81 ATH
  • 86 DEF
  • 96 REB

Absolute Monster

Written by NickyRozay

Let me start this review off with a preface: first off, this is my first review on the site, and secondly, I am running a budget squad and didn't get into MyTeam until around January and even without playing through most of the challenges I have a decent team. I was using PD Melo (locker code lol), Amethyst Josh Smith and PD Grant Hill as my team in triple threat online (which is all I do really), and I was pretty sure I would never replace Josh Smith because of his versatility and the fact that I don't have much MT. Enter Bagley:

Bought for: 2,200 MT


  • Slashing: This card is unreal in the open court or driving to the rim with some space. His long frame paired with 95 driving layup/contact/driving dunk make him damn near unstoppable. He scores at least 3 or 4 baskets a game for me just on massive dunks alone.
  • Outside shooting: This is arguably the best part about him. Not only does he have a 94 open shot three (with a coach), but he also has in my opinion the easiest release in all of MyTeam. His release is not too slow but not ultra quick, but ridiculously easy to get a green release with. Through my first 14 games on TTO he was shooting 71% from three on at least two attempts per game. Not only is he a great shooter, because most teams you face have god squads, they don't pay any attention to this card since he is an amethyst, meaning a lot of uncontested 3's to rain down.
  • Rebounding: 6'11", super long arms, 97 offensive/99 defensive (with coach) rebounding, and 95 vertical mean this card is a machine on the glass. This card will consistently out-rebound PD Boogie, PD Yao, and just about any other center in the game. I don't know how many games this card has saved me by grabbing an offensive rebound and giving me a second chance wide open 3 pointer. He is unreal.
  • Athleticism: Like I mentioned previously, this card is super athletic. He runs the floor on both end like a monster due to his 93 speed with D'Antoni and gets a ton of fast break dunks for me. He's also unstoppable essentially in the pick and roll because you can lob it to him and he's going to dunk over anybody.


  • Defense: While this card isn't bad defensively, he's certainly not perfect. 79 lateral quickness while not as bad as it sounds, still leaves a lot to be desired. What hurts probably the most is lack of defensive stopper so you'll need to add that to him. I miss Josh Smith sometimes because on the rare occasion where your opponent on TTO isn't running a big man Smith had the size and ability to defend basically any position. This Bagley will have a hard time defending the likes of Durant or Granger if you opponent is running a smaller team. He also sometimes has a problem of sagging into the paint on a fastbreak and leaving his opponent wide open on the 3 point line, but even my Grant Hill does that.
  • Pick and Popping: Like a lot of cards on this game, instead of popping out to the 3 point line he has a tendency to stop at the mid range which is frustrating due to the fact that he's such a knockdown 3 point shooter and the fact that this game is all about spamming 3's.

Recommended Strategy:

  • Slash as much as possible: If you're being guarded by a plodding big man (Yao, Sabonis, Jokic) just give him the ball and blow right by them to the hoop.
  • Pick and pop: Even if he doesn't pop to the 3 point line, his mid range is just as buttery smooth as his 3 point shot. Also, keep an eye out for him when you drive, chances are his defender will sag off to help and you can whip it to him for an easy 3.
  • Lob city: Like I said previously, run the pick and roll or throw it to him in transition, this card will dunk everything.

Use if: You want arguably the best big man in the game for the price. I know others are all around better but for around 2,000 MT his value is godly. Also, he's the perfect big man for TTO because he can hang with all Centers and Power Forwards, and can usually go toe-to-toe with Small Forwards when it comes to taking advantage on the offensive end.

Don't use if: You specifically need a defensive-minded big man or you have an insane budget. Or you don't like running a big man on TTO.

Bottom Line: The best bang for your buck in all of 2k19. I haven't used a lot of cards but I've used and gone against a lot of really good cards in TTO and this Bagley most games is the leading scorer. He averages damn near 10 points a game for me (all in TTO) and that's with Melo and Grant Hill. He's the most reliable open shooter I've used simply because he can get greens so easy. This card will probably not get replaced on my team because he is so damn reliable.

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    great review, and he's definitely the best amethyst PF you can get currently


    Thank you! And yes I agree. For a budget team I’m not sure you can find better for a TTO big man under like 50-60k. I’ve been looking at Jaren Jackson Jr. but I feel Bagley has a little better athleticism.


    not sure on JJJ, but diamond Haywood is good. Can't shoot as well but with a diamond shoe has 99 speed