'06 Gilbert Arenas opal card
99 Overall
  • 95 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 98 PLY
  • 98 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 77 REB

Hibachi is back

Written by jb74

Picked him up as soon as i saw his stats, have not regretted. was going on a great 12-0 run with him winning 9 straight before the servers totally crapped out on me and gave me a loss.

Bought for: 250,000 MT


  • shooting. there are a few cards in this game whose limitless range badges just seem to be broken. these includes porzingis, Tmac, and melo, and GO arenas def joins that group. literally the moment i cross half court i feel comfortable pulling up with Arenas. he can consistently green 3s from the logo without takeover.
  • Release. Disclaimer: i usually suck with base 11. literally all year i have been unable to figure out base 11. I sucked with diamond granger and amy hedo (before the patch), and I even tried picking up cowens recently but couldnt figure that out either. Arenas' base 11 is much, much easier to time tho. it is very fast, but incredibly smooth and consistent.
  • dunking. Hof posterizer, great stats, catches bodies like crazy. man dunked over yao ming in a game.
  • badges. he has basically every badge u can ask for, including dimer, limitless, def stopper and pretty much everything else
  • defense. this is what makes this card different from the other top pgs in the game like rose, nash, tmac and maybe harden (havent tried that card out yet so idk if it belongs in that category or not). unlike those other cards, arenas has insane defensive stats along with the badges to back it up. also, despite some rumors suggesting that the shot contest system was changed back, i can confirm that this is definitely not true. i was matched up against a team with pd kristaps, and arenas registered multiple heavy contests against that card.
  • dribbles. the only moves he really lacks are a good snatch back and hop jumper. other than that, his dribbles are all really good, and i really like his size up package.


  • height. people are going to make a bigger deal out of this than they should, because he's only 3 inches shorter than MJ and Kobe, and he has very good strength (78) and low post def IQ (67) for a guard. i had this card out against ben simmons one game, and arenas was just running circles around that card while clamping him up on defense. still 6 foot 3 is not ideal, but its still very useable imo.

Recommended Strategy: "iso, pull up from deep, lockdown defender, catch bodies"

Other Comments: (optional) "this is really one of the few endgame cards we've seen so far. he can do it all on both ends of the floor, and has the fastest jumpshot in the game."

Use if: "you want the best offensive weapon (pun intended) in 2k and a lockdown defender"

Don't use if: "you run manute ball at pg."

Bottom Line: "top 5 card in 2k, best player under 6'8" and tied for melo with the best shooter"

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