'18 Dwight Howard pinkdiamond card
98 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 75 OUT
  • 56 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 99 REB

PD Superman

Written by 76process

Hello everyone today I will be doing a review on one of my favorite players of all time and someone who growing up I saw carry a team to the finals win a slam dunk contest, 3 defensive player of the year awards and witnessed this man put countless players on posters the one and only Dwight Howard. I’ve played 2 unlimited game along with 5 triple threat games and the results have spoken for themselves

Bought for- 55K MT Xbox ( I Would have given my soul but 55K is better)


Athleticism- first and foremost it goes without saying Dwight is the most athletic center in the game he comes with 96 speed 99 strength 98 vertical he burns everyone down the floor and soars out of the gym he’s so fun to run around with and moves like a guard but has the size of a center. I threw the purple kyries on him ( not to familiar with the exact name of the shoe) this gave him 99 speed and 99 lateral quickness which is just stupid for a center. He’s 6”11 but his 99 strength prevents him from getting bodied in the post. The nickname Superman doesn’t do justice to how athletic this card is.

Clamps and sending shit back - Dwight didn’t win 3 defensive player of the year awards for nothing he won cause he was a shot blocking machine you were asking to be embarrassed when you went in his paint and in 2k it’s no different. At first I was a bit nervous with him in the paint being for 2k standards he is a little undersized at the center position at 6”11 but my worries were quickly put to rest after a game of unlimited when Howard proved why he led the league in blocks twice. PD Giannis tried to put Dwight on a poster but Howard was able to contest and put the shot off it wasn’t a block but it was a sign of things to come. Howard ended up blocking Giannis twice and ended the game with 5 blocks and a bunch of contested shots. Don’t let his size fool you Howard is more than capable of making the offense pay for going in his paint with his HOF rim protector. His perimeter defense is also ridiculous with HOF stopper and 95 lat ( 99 with my shoe). I’ve never said this about any card but I legitimately trust Howard to guard the 1-5 and I mean that sincerely the guy is a clamp machine can switch on anyone and give them a hard time moves so well for a 6”11 guy.

Rebounding- Howard leading the league in blocks twice is impressive but being the league leader in rebounds 5 times is even more mind blowing his 98 vertical and 98 and 99 rebounding stats along with HOF hustle rebounder makes him almost unfair on the boards if he’s out of the area his athleticism allows him to come In and snag the board with ease first game put up 14 boards which is imo impressive for a game of unlimited he doesn’t win boards with size he wins them with athleticism which most of the time will be enough except against someone like Yao or mark Eaton but an amazing rebounder and a guy that will snag and give you second chance points.

Finishing/ putting your player on a poster- it goes without saying Dwight can dunk we’ve seen it countless times from the dunk contest to putting your favorite player on a poster. This card embodies that, HOF posterizer along with 99 driving an contact dunk paired with his athleticism good luck trying to stop him oh and 98 driving layup ain’t to bad either. His athleticism allows him to blow by slower centers and finish with ease on the inside 98 draw foul ensures he’ll see some free throws during the game nice animations help him as he rarely has gotten blocked so far. Running pick and rolls with him is a blast, HOF pick and roller lob city finisher and posterizer allows for just straight up cheese this is probably my favorite aspect about this card just cause it’s so damn fun.

Post game- HOF post spin with HOF bruiser and 99 strength makes Howard very reliable in the post. His 98 post hook is reliable down low when he has a good post up position. His 80 post fade-away is okay it’s not a reliable go to but imo the animation creates space and can be used as a last resort.

Free throw/ mid- not the Dwight Howard I remember but this card comes with 84 mid and free throw. His release is okay not the biggest fan of it but it’s good enough

Hall of fame badges- just look he has 16 HOFS which is amazing and they’re all valuable ones as well just an OP combo of badges.


3 ball- 2k Gave Ben Simmons an 88 three but drew the line with Howard he has 50 three just don’t try it guys

Recommended strategy- pick and roll, lobs, post, face up. Personally the pick and roll is my go to for him

Use if- you want a Traditional athletic defensive center who can clamp anyone 1-5 and slam on anyone as well with a decent post game

Don’t use if- you need a stretch 5 or you’re in love with the post fade-away but personally really no reason not to cop this card I have opal ming but I play Dwight a lot as well cause he’s too fun to not use.

Card comparison- diamond Tyson chandler I have chandler and wrote a review on him he’s a great card and is similar to Dwight. Does a lot of things well I just couldn’t pass up on one of my favorite players of all time. But for those with the tokens chandler is great and him and Dwight are very similar.

Bottom line- I know this was a long review but I just had so much to say about Dwight he’s a dominant card any lineup can use mainly cause he’s so versatile and athletic he can so many things for your team and your defense and can also put the ball in the hoop. He’s also just so fun to play with which is important to me. So he’s worth the price which is pretty low and can fit seamlessly into any lineup.

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    first ballot hofer


    Should i sell bill Russel for Dwight ?


    Honestly depends how much do you rely on the fade-away of Russell? Cause there’s a big jump 80 to 97 Howard is super fun but that Russell card is really Op they’re similarly Russell just has the better post play


    Russell also has better steal Howard has a very slight advantage in athleticism


    Worth upgrading from deandre ayton?


    Honestly that’s tough do you shoot a lot with ayton? If not I would definitely make the switch Howard is more athletic a better defender and finisher just depends how much you shoot with Ayton or get a stretch four to pair with Dwight


    I take pick and pops quite a bit sometimes he pops to mid sometimes to three i mean aytons still athletic and can get bodies and lobs and has the height advantage and i know dwight could pop from mid easily but idk bout three. I would think he would struggle on kareem kristaps and yao down low due to the size as well compared to ayton so still torn.




    This is my team. Some advise will be helpful.