'05 Andre Iguodala pinkdiamond card
97 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 92 OUT
  • 85 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 70 REB

Andre Iguodala: Complete Steal

Written by Melody2k

Andre Iguodala is already a star on my team and I've only had him for a short amount of time. With a pretty star-studded roster of cards like PD Danny Granger, PD Kevin Durant, and Diamond Porzingis, he stands out as the one who can do it all. A great all-rounder with massive upside. Oh, and he is CHEAP for a Pink Diamond, especially one of his caliber. I'm not personally a Warriors fan but I love Iggy and this card is great.

Bought for: 52,500 MT


  • Insane athleticism. An astounding finisher that will leave you and your opponent in awe with insane high flying antics, sporting a 98 vertical and 97 driving and contact dunk.

  • Great on the catch and shoot. A 94 Open Shot 3 with HOF catch and shoot makes him Curry-like when rolling off of screens or on pick and pops. His release is also rather easy to time.

  • Awesome speed, this links with his athleticism. He's not always going to be the fastest player on the court, but with 95 speed and acceleration, he surely won't be the slowest. This along with HOF posterizer and lob city finisher makes him phenomenal in transition.

  • Defensive BEAST. Other than an 85 block, which is no problem since he has very long arms, he has no other defensive stat below a 95. This, along with having nearly every defensive badge on HOF, with only charge card being gold, he is already one of, if not the best defender on my team.

  • Pretty decent playmaker, with gold dimer and lob city passer, as well as 88 ball control and some decent passing stats, he is possible to run at point guard. I personally don't, as I run MJ there. However, he is still great as a secondary ball handler. Gold ankle breaker also allows for some great highlights as well.


  • Not a great rebounder. Maybe this is to keep him a pink diamond, but some stats like rebounding and standing dunk are incredibly low. Again, I just think this is to keep him a pink diamond. This could end up being costly in a close game, but can easily be countered with players like Porzingis, Ayton, and Olajuwon who seem to get every single rebound.

  • Not a great post player. This is another reason you could put him at PG, but the lack of drop-stepper, post spin technician, and the highest post stat by a long shot being 79, means he won't be the most effective in the post.

  • Jumpshot is pretty good, moderately consistent. Problem is, isn't that fast. This could result in your shot being contested or even swatted if you aren't careful.

  • Not the greatest free throw with 80. Relatively consistent, but with latency, could be costly in close games.

Recommended Strategy: Use a playbook with lots of three point plays, get the ball moving, have him run off of screens. Or, iso, sauce up your defender, get to the rim, and dunk on the whole team. Also, put Iggy on the other team's best wing, trust me, not even Danny Granger or Hedo Turkoglu can get a shot off over Iggy. HE. HAS. CLAMPS.

Use if: You want an extraordinarily athletic wing who can shoot like Klay, dunk like Vince, and defend like Kawhi.

Don't use if: You need a post scoring, rebounding presence. If that's what you need, 98 Hakeem is only like 47K.

Bottom Line: A phenomenal wing with the ability to be ran at point guard. Able to do a bit of everything and is a star among stars. One of, if not, the best card in the game under 60K MT

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