'91 Magic Johnson opal card
99 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 96 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 89 REB

My Type of Card

Written by Skarrerx

It is getting to the point in the game where most cards are just outright fake compared to what they could do in real life. This card is no exception. Regardless, a few new additions make this card significantly better than the 98 and extremely overpowered.

Bought for: 400kmt


-Low post scoring: This is the most underrated aspect of this card. He has HoF post spin and drop stepper so if the defender dosent have HoF stopper and isn't 6'8 or above then they will get railed in the post by magic -Shooting: Not the greatest release but the ratings are good enough and HoF difficult and Maestro means that he hits fadeaways.

-Playmaking: It is pretty obvious the playmaking on this card is phenomenal and it complements the post scoring perfectly as he can draw doubles and pass out with HoF dimer to a stretch big or shooter

-Defense: Can defend the one through 5 as he is extremely quick laterally and I have found that his wide body in game allows him to get tonnes of bump steals on and offball and he is extremely hard to blow past. Also strong in the low block defensively

-Boards: The best rebounding PG in the game due to height and athleticism.

-Slashing: They upgraded his dunk ratings and while the other magics always seemed to dunk with an inch of room this one has better dunk animations and gets better contact posters due to better ratings and tendencies and you don't have to waste that extra few thousand mt on posterizer as it is now equipped. Magic as usual finishes layups better than anyone else in the game due to animations

-Pick and roll orchestration: This guy is so overpowered on the pick and roll it allows him to create room to execute any of his strengths mentioned above whether it be pull up, slashing game or playmaking


  • Nothing much if i had to say something it is that he dosent come with Limitless and Deeprange which are necessary so apply them immediately it is another 15k but it is probably necessary so you can pull up from a little further out and hit light contests.

Recommended Strategy: "Post ups, kick out, pick n roll ball handler, pull up jumpshots

Other Comments: (optional) This card is a significant upgrade but at the end of the day the 97 and 98 are still great cards with similar animations and still have HoF dimer and Maestro so can still do similar things playmaking wise for way less.

Use if: "You want the ultimate playmaker and low post domination and an oversized defender who can defend any switch.

Don't use if: "You don't have the MT then stick to the pd versions.

Bottom Line: God Squad Player

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