Kawhi Leonard opal card
99 Overall
  • 97 INS
  • 98 OUT
  • 89 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 93 REB

3pt plays master and clamp god

Written by RiFLE

Intro: Following his previous GO version, this Kawhi card bring 180 stats points more. This is just a crazy upgrade. He's definitely living up to his reputation as a clamp god, but the only thing that actually matters in this endgame discussion is his release. Let's see what this card has for us.

Stats: 4416. There's just nothing left behind besides a bit of playmaking. His rebounding is crazy good for his position, although it won't matter much. But his scoring/defending/athleticism is just the best of the best in NBA 2K19 MyTeam.

Bought for: 1,750,000 MT (28 HOF badges version on PC)


  • Defense: Clamp god, he's one of the two best at stealing the ball with MJ, deadly when put together. For the idiots around here who can't do anything else than offball, he's just way too good in defense. Gib money.
  • Shooting: His release is in the average, but I found it highly reliable. Loved it on his first Galaxy Opal, still the same here. For comparison, he's close to PG13's release. Absolutely the best two releases when wide open, but will not be able to create an open shot like other base 11 can do. Obviously has HOF Limitless and DRD which is inevitable when talking about a god squad.
  • Mobility: Well the stats are here, he's incredibly fast and strong.


  • Release: Again, he's not as fast as others and will not be the best option if you're getting clamped. I'd stick to using plays with him to get him open.
  • Position: He's 6'7. Meaning he's most likely too short for the 3 position with all those GOs today. He doesn't have HOF Dimer so playing him at the 1 isn't ideal even though other than for this badge, he's great for this role. You should rather play him at the 2 for defensive purposes. If you are running two squads of 5 (started and bench) I'd recommend to put him on the squad made for plays, not for panic points.
  • Price: Pretty expensive right now.
  • Moves: His dribble moves aren't the greatest. He's not gonna create that much separation. Better getting him out of the 1 position.

Recommended Strategy: 3pt plays, cutting, offball, matchup on opposing point guard.

Competition: His size makes him pretty unique for a SF, but he's in the like of PG13, LeBron. Considering him at the SG position, I would probably not use him instead of upcoming GO Durant. He's an alternative to GO Melo and GO Clyde, with emphasis on defense rather than on shooting (sorry I don't consider kobe/mj - due to no 3pt play - and slower players alternatives at the 2).

End game: Tough to say if he belong in your 13 man squad. I do believe that he does if you run plays. If you play with an anarchic game style, a faster shooter will be more suited. I would not pick him up over PG13 though if the price difference is too big.

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