Giannis Antetokounmpo amethyst card
90 Overall
  • 76 INS
  • 67 OUT
  • 73 PLY
  • 83 ATH
  • 80 DEF
  • 82 REB

Worth the MT Card

Written by LBBoston

I got this amethyst for about 6,000 MT and it was really well produced. I used to usually start him at power forward, because I never had a diamond or pink diamond PF to start for me. I mostly wanted this card for cheesing with bronzes, but I found that it was really affective in my starting 5, and although he isn't in my starting 5 anymore (because I have 94 Lauri Markannen there instead), he is really good off the bench.

Now an obvious con to the card is the shooting. Obviously a pink diamond or the rewards Galaxy Opal (which has 99 everything) will be able to shoot better than this Amethyst Giannis. If I'm being honest, unless he has takeover wide open, he probably isn't going to hit any three pointers. But what he can do is be a huge mismatch if you choose to cheese on Unlimited. If you find a matchup like Jordan v him, the blow-bys are effortless and the card is so fun to use in that way.

Another really underrated thing about this card is the rebounding. I have 93 Diamond Moses Malone; and he is usually the one to get rebounds for me in Triple Threat/Unlimited. But it surprises me so much how this card can get rebounds over the more frequent power forwards I face like Kristaps and Dirk (which I know aren't exactly great cards at rebounding but are taller and easier to get rebounds over Giannis)

If you ever have a card that you want to do a funny game with, like filling up your lineup with bronzes and putting in one card to dominate, I suggest finding this card. I bet the minimum you can get this card at the Auction House would be aroun 4.5K, which for me isn't to bad; I spend very little on MyTeam, and usually use Rewards, Challenges, Locker Codes and the Auction House for my team instead of opening packs. So usually I don't always have a lot of MT, but spending it on this card was not a mistake.

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