'12 Brandon Roy diamond card
94 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 89 OUT
  • 82 PLY
  • 90 ATH
  • 82 DEF
  • 55 REB

Sell your team for this!

Written by SpursNationFTW

Brandon Roy... First time in 2K... I was grinding the auction house to get this beast while listening to a high voltage pack opening by Carlos. I was waiting for a few auctions to end so I randomly decided to open a single pack... and I got the final High Voltage card I needed. Brandon Roy. This guy is a beast with one of the best crossover animations in the game, only rivaled by Diamond Oscar Robinson.

Bought for: Packed in a single pack


  • Running the offence - I play him off the bench at PG to provide a spark to my bench unit and he commands so much attention that he will draw help defense and doubles leaving people wide open. He is also great at running the pick and roll

  • Crossovers - Especially against the CPU and off-ballers just walk up the court and hit them with a crossover and he will get an open path to the lane so often and if the opponent helps, pass out for a short range jumper or driving layup.

  • Finishing in the paint - As said above, he gets to the rim a lot. But what use is getting to the rim if you cant finish? This guy is a BEAST at the rim with layups and posters.

  • Steals - Ok I admit it, I reach a lot... He tends to reward me more than the other guards...


  • He's a guard so don't expect to get any rebounds over bigs, but hes a good rebounder for a guard.

  • He is so expensive that you will need to mortgage your entire team to get him in auction now...

Recommended Strategy: Run him at the point, he is much more useful there. Drive a lot but don't force anything, don't hesitate to pass to the open man

Use if: If you have him, use him, PERIOD. If you can afford him and you are thinking of getting him, get him, stop reading this and get him. This includes you mod/s that are reading this post, sell your soul to the devil for this card **

Don't use if:** You can't afford him. let's be honest, you probably can't if you don't have him already.

Bottom Line: He will break your piggy bank of MT but he will reward you in points and dimes and glory and wisdom and glee. This card is a beast.

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