'05 Tim Duncan opal card
99 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 93 OUT
  • 72 PLY
  • 95 ATH
  • 98 DEF
  • 98 REB

Old Man Riverwalk

Written by donnymost68

I managed to pack all the new Spurs Opals somehow (1 twenty box and 1 ten box), and this Timmy is by far the best one. Tony P is a pretty great scorer from everywhere (especially inside (draws tons of fouls and eludes big men)) but giant point guards fuck his shit up. Tbh Manu is my least favorite just because his release is rather slow on a two guard (dunking and defense upgrades from the PD are nice tho). But let’s get back to Duncan

Bought for: Packed


  • Inside scoring: Underneath the basket is where Timmy is strongest. Keeps it simple w standard animations or just one handed punches. It works perfectly with him and encapsulates everything that he is, a fundamental power forward/center. That being said, he’s the greatest damn 4 of all time (got sidetracked again lol).
  • Post Scoring: Same left side fade-away as Kareem (normal timing), his right side fade is a little slower, but still money. I been using post hooks a lot lately, and though TD doesn’t have post takeover (Defender/Rebounding), he hits them at high efficiency.
  • Mid Range: What made Tim Duncan so great was that there were so many things he’d done exceptionally, and the mid range was yet another bread and butter of his. Tbh I don’t know how to do a bank shot in this game (really go for the TD feel), but his mid range game is amazing. Honestly I kinda wanted him to get a slightly faster release, but his standard one (which is on this card too) is still way easy to green
  • 3PT: I’m guessing this card is from his game against the Suns where he hit the three that sent the Spurs to OT (or it’s just 2K being 2K lol), because when open he rarely misses. You could go to it if you wanted to run the pick and fade OD, but I take it when I’m given it.
  • Defense: The Big Fundamental can shut down anyone. He can guard whoever. His absurd speed and near maxed defense stats plus his size let him oppose any that may be so unfortunate as to challenge him. Blocks and steals the ball well too lmao.
  • Athleticism: Again, Duncan has ridiculous speed, vert and strength. Helps him in every facet of his game, from inside scoring, to defense, to the post, to the rebounding, all of it. Outstanding athlete.
  • Rebounding: This man cleans the glass better than ten bottles of Windex. Duncan is a board snatcher and rebound eater.


  • Playmaking: Don’t go spamming dribbles w this card, it won’t work. Even though his ball control is way higher than it should be, it’s not a smart move. If 2K was gonna juice anything, it shoulda been his pass accuracy (ESPECIALLY if he has HOF Flashy Passer but no dimer of any kind).
  • 2K Overall: What the hell is up with you guys. The servers have been more dogshit than usual, the auction house is still broken after 9 DAYS, and worst of all, y’all pinned a tweet from Ronnie talking about new cards for the NBA Awards, and you re-release cards from earlier in the year? Luka and Pascal maybe I understand, as their opals came recently. But leaving Rudy at amethyst is straight disrespectful, Lou Will certainly deserves better, and I know y’all don’t wanna invalidate people who collected however many cards for GO Giannis, but the entire community would be happy if they at least got a less broken GO Giannis. Like one w an 80 three ball would still shatter the game, but y’all wanted to be stingy. Smh, 2K, fixing at least one of these problems would be nice. Pls get on it.

Recommended Strategy: Do your work w Duncan down low, whether that be in the post or under the basket. Involving Duncan in screens is the best way to get him buckets of all sorts. Roll for the aforementioned paint plays, and fade for an easy mid range or possibly open 3-ball. Defensively he’s got everything taken care of.

Other Comments: If anyone wants to argue w me about why Tim Duncan isn’t the greatest power forward of all time, I’m happy to discuss in the comments lol.

Use if: You love Duncan, or enjoy a 4 that can dominate both ends of the court.

Don't use if: You’re short on money (he’s like 200k) or prefer more of a sharpshooter.

Bottom Line: This card is most certainly a gauntlet (and his 23 HOF badges help out too lol). Worth a starting spot on any team, and fuck 2K for shafting so many people w these auction house problems, server issues, and laziness.

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