Russell Westbrook opal card
99 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 97 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 99 ATH
  • 97 DEF
  • 98 REB

Solid all around

Written by Slevin424

So I bought GO Oscar only to land a lucky GO Westbrook... and I'm going to be comparing the two here. First thing is first they are very different when it comes to offense. Oscar is more of a paint and post PG who is best used running plays and creating mismatches. He's a utility card in my opinion who has a decent shot, decent inside scoring and great defense. But Oscar doesn't excel at one thing. He's just solid all around. Westbrook doesn't have as good post scoring as Oscar does but he's an iso god. He runs past and through everyone. Imagine a 6'3 LeBron basically. He has a nice outside shot, pretty consistent if he's open. Pick N Roll is on another level and I feel like Westbrook is the better rebounder even though he's shorter. Oscar grabs boards over other PG's but Westbrook grabs boards over centers. Just when the offense is about to grab an offensive rebound Westbrook comes in like a bat out of hell flying over the paint and just snags it before their center does. He even does it to his own teammates. I'll be controlling my center and go for a board and Westbrook just flies in and says "MINE" it's actually amazing to watch.

Bought for: $4.00 (Got super lucky)


  • Speed: Without a doubt the fastest PG in the game.

  • Inside scoring: Even though he's not as good in the post as Oscar his ability to lose his defender off a blow by is insane. 99 driving/contact dunk 99 vertical and 99 layups help too.

  • Rebounding: Best rebounding PG ever simple cause of speed and his vertical.

  • Strength: For a PG is amazing. He's only 1 point over Oscar but it feels like he's higher. Even Magic had a really tough time pushing him in the post.

  • Defense: Is godlike. He shuts down everyone. Gets tons of steals. He blocks and has a 98 shot contest with 98 LAT quick.

  • Playmaking: 99 everything. No HoF flashy passer but considering it's the most useless badge in 2K it's fine. He's got the HoF dimer which is really all he needs.


  • Uhm: I don't know? Maybe if you play him like Steph Curry and jack up contested shots a lot he's not going to hit a lot of them. His outside shooting is good enough. If he's open he'll hit it. His jumpshot isn't too janky and it's the perfect mix between slow enough to get easy greens but fast enough to get it off before someone can close him out.

  • Height: I guess this is the elephant in the room. Oscar is taller and for since this is MyCheese it's hard to get a game where you're also going up against a legit PG. 6'3 isn't the worst though. But it does make his post defense suffer.

Recommended Strategy: Pick n Roll, Iso. Draw in defenders and kick it out for an easy bucket.

Use if: You want a solid all around PG

Don't use if: Next question

Bottom Line: Why? Cause Stone Cold said so.

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    Nice review, I got this card yesterday and I’m really loving using him.


    He's a ton of fun. I haven't enjoyed a card like this in a while. Then again I haven't had a PG who could dunk on Yao. Brodie got hops.


    Yeah this card is a top 4 point guard


    Nice review, should I get him or GO Oscar?


    If you don't mind a 6'3 PG I'd go with Westbrook. He's been absolutely fire for me.

    But if you prefer the slightly taller, but less electric version of Westbrook... then Oscar isn't a bad choice either.


    Picked up Russ to dynamic duo with KD, been pretty nice


    It's dumb they gave it to his 97 PD and not the GO or 98. I'm running Gilbert, Klay, Durant, Antwan, Hakeem for 1st and 3rd quarter. Westbrook, Havlicek, Pierce, Cowens and Towns as my 2nd and 4th quarter closers.

    Lowkey Havlicek with Cowens duo boost turns Hondo into a beastly galaxy opal. Cowens even becomes a GO.


    I prefer Russ but Oscar has a faster release