Klay Thompson opal card
99 Overall
  • 90 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 86 PLY
  • 93 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 79 REB

So so...

Written by Slevin424

I thought this was the luckiest card I pulled. This is the card I wanted to upgrade from my PD. Klay is the perfect player... but on MyTeam... he's okay I guess. I feel like stats really don't matter. It says 99 open 3 but I've missed quite a few open shots with him. His jumpshot feels different from what I'm used too. I used Klay's jumper on MyPlayer so I might have the timing off. But he's one of those "if it isn't green you better pray" shooters. Kobe, T-Mac, Taytum, Durant and CJ are players that hit stuff I don't expect them too. And those are the PDs too except CJ. They hit them if they're white, early, late it doesn't matter. If it isn't heavily contested you done messed up. Klay has been streaky for me. So now I'm kinda wishing I got the Durant instead. Don't get me wrong this card is great but I swear Klay shoots better in real life. If Klay is open in real life it's going in every time.

Bought for: Pack


  • Outside scoring: I guess? I mean I do hit a lot of shots with him. He does have a really deadly pick n roll shot. If the defender goes under instead of over it's easy money. Mid-range is actually where I get the most consistency.

  • Defense: He's a monster on defense. He steals everything. He even blocks shorter SG just from contesting without jumping. Post defense is decent enough too. Honestly he's way better on defense than offense. Any guard you're having trouble with just throw Klay on them and their fun is over.


  • Inside scoring: Wow he's awkward inside. Slowest dunk animations ever. He gets blocked rather easily. His rating tells the story. 95 layups for a GO is rough. 85 dunking is rough. Post scoring is meh. Post fadeaway is somewhat decent?

  • Consistency: He will have games where he shoots well. Then other games where he misses 4 open 3's in a row. IN A ROW. I've told myself for the longest time I'm just bad with him. But when he shoots worse than my Kobe, T-Mac, KAT, LeBron, Durant, Taytum, Westbrook I just have to say PD felt better to shoot with and I have no idea why.

Recommended Strategy: Run plays, get him as open as possible. Pick n roll shots. Off-ball screen plays to open him up. Catch n shoot mainly player.

Other Comments: I will stress I've only had him for a few days. Further testing will be done.

Use if: You need a 3 and D guy.

Don't use if: You want someone to torch the other team on offense. He's not Kobe. He's a utility player.

Bottom Line: If you have the MT go after Durant.

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