Kevin Durant opal card
99 Overall
  • 96 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 91 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 90 REB

Made me come back to myteam

Written by jb74

with the servers and auctions house as awful as they've been, i put down myteam and stopped playing, but when i started seeing the reviews for this KD i knew i had to come back. i have used every one his cards since his diamond moments, and this KD is everything i had expected and then some.

Bought for: 380,000


  • shooting. he hits basically everything, what more can you say. his pull-up is only eh, but everything else about his shooting is absolutely knockdown.
  • post work. he has a beautiful fadeaway, and they gave him HOF post spin so he can spin on smaller defenders. he also has good hooks and hop shots, but nobody really uses those bc they arent as effective as the other shots.
  • slashing. this is really the biggest difference from previous cards. Durant will dunk on everyone with a great dunk package that legit does not get blocked. he also has a super cheesy euro animation that you can dunk out of which is unstoppable and basically the ultimate bailout unless you have Yao in the paint. once you figure out how to do this, you are pretty much guaranteed a dunk on every play, KD just has the perfect layup package and dunk package to do this move
  • dribbling. Kd still has some insane dribble moves like his crossover and snatchback. feels super quick with the ball, id throw a shoe on tho to max out the speed w ball and he can just blow by people.
  • defense. this is also a huge upgrade. they gave him HOF rim protector, pick pocket, pick dodger and def stopper, making him one of, if not the best defenders in the game. he also has a great wingspan so he gets blocks and can stop bigger guys in the paint, so u could play him at the 4. he also weighs 240 pounds weirdly, which is more than guys like DRob which is very strange but makes it hard for him to get bodied even by taller players.


  • none. seriously none. 2nd best card in the game, after Shaq, but much, much more fun to use imo.

Recommended Strategy: "iso, catch n shoot, work in the post, slash to the hoop"

Other Comments: (optional) "he is super fun to use, and is basically unguardable in triple threat"

Use if: "You want the best scorer and one of the best defenders in the game"

Bottom Line: "pick him up, sell ur entire team if u need to. this guy is that good"

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