'09 Dikembe Mutombo opal card
99 Overall
  • 98 INS
  • 86 OUT
  • 70 PLY
  • 97 ATH
  • 99 DEF
  • 99 REB

Mt. Mutombo Review

Written by freetim

Review based on 4 games of Triple Threat and 3 games of Unlimited with the card Mutombo in a short summary is a good backup center/starting center if you can't afford some of the more pricey galaxy opals like Kareem, Yao, or DRob.

Price bought for: 84,000 MT (going for 95-100k)


DEFENSE - Mutombo is obviously gonna be an elite defender no matter which card you use, his defense isn't that different from the PD version, comes with 99 on literally almost every defending stat outside of lateral quickness and steal (Which are both 95+). Comes with all of the defensive badges on HOF and is generally a lockdown at the center position if you know what you're doing on defense, also has an amazing body model that seems to get a lot of blocks/contests, and despite his low passing interception tendencies, this dude seems to be able to steal a whole lot of bad passes

Where this card differs from the PD in my opinion is the fact he can keep up with quicker players. If you're bored/want to cheese then you can safely put him on a small forward or even a shooting guard and he'll be able to stay in front pretty much 99% of the time, do I recommend this personally? No, but it's definitely an option if Giannis is lighting you up, Mutombo will stop that real quick.

INSIDE SCORING - I don't know who this guy is in the post, but this sure isn't Mutombo at all. 2k made him into pretty much a post machine that was created in a lab, his normal fade is Dirk-esque where he kicks his feet out and creates a nice bit of separation, his shimmy seems to be Hakeems which is pure cheese imo and creates a bunch of separation, it's basically an automatic basket once you learn the timing, his post hook is high-arcing, which is money if you have a smaller defender on you

Along with that, Mutombo is an elite rim runner as well, he's a freakish athlete with 100 flashy dunk tendencies, he comes with 94 Speed/92 Acceleration his speed can be increased to a 99 if you put a shoe on him which is pure cheese for a 7'2 center. He basically runs in transition pretty well and can catch 90% of the lobs you throw at all provided you have a lane, also comes with good driving/dunking packages as well.

REBOUNDING/MID RANGE SCORING - Has 99 in every rebounding category, comes with glass cleaner takeover, HOF hustle rebounder, and a 98 vertical. This tall, lengthy African man is going be snagging boards like there's no tomorrow for you, he can also bail you out with offensive rebounds like crazy. Like I said, I don't know who this guy is but he's not mutombo, comes with gold pick and popper, and a 94 open middy, and 92 contested. His release is on the slow side, but he will definitely knockdown open jumpers if you leave him


JUMPSHOT - His jumpshot says "No-no" that shit is UGLY and clunky, I shoot without the meter and this nigga will literally brick everything if someone is near him, he has a decent three ball, but I don't suggest shooting with him unless you're wide, wide open..

PLAYMAKING- Don't expect him to speedboost or be snapping ankles, he does come with a base 79 SWB, which can go up if you put a shoe on him, so if you play TTO, try that out. He has terrible dribble packages but his momentum behind the back is a lil nice and it will catch people off guard since they ain't expecting Mutombo to pull that out.

GET IF/ You have 90 - 100k MT to spare and want a good defensive-oriented lockdown center who can lockup a good portion of centers in the game, and a quick center who is able to switch on players, guard the perimeter, etc.

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    man, for me he's not blocking well.... o dont control him on post d or in help situations.... maybe this is the case? Should I manually try to block with him ?

    Is there any other big 5 that can be an automatic block in the paint, consistently??

    thx man


    I put a foam shoe on him an he's a MONSTER. HE GREENS 3s like it's his job an he's a super beast on defense. I'm so shocked on how good this card actually is. In tto he DOMINATES. I run the ball up the court with him an


    .... He just craps on anyone standing in his way


    Nice review! Gonna pickup this african man


    Thanks, wrote this at 2am so theres some typos here and there, but this card is basically a more athletic Hakeem without the outside shooting, I have no idea why they gave him some of Hakeems animations but they did.

    Hope you enjoy him