Kyrie Irving opal card
99 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 74 REB


Written by ReTTers

Hello everybody ! I'm a huge Kyrie fan, and i wasn't expecting this Galaxy Opal. As you know, Kyrie has already mutiples cards in this game, Amethyst, Diamonds and also 2 Pink Diamonds including a Limited one with 16 HOF badges ! So why a Galaxy Opal ? Because Kyrie deserve it ? For me yes. Every player can potentialy have a Galaxy Opal at this stage of the game, so why not for one of the best player in the world ? Let's see what this Kyrie Irving has in the store for us !

Bought for : 150,000 MT

Strengths :

  • Inside scoring
  • Shooting ability and consitency
  • Standing Shot 3pt : 99 without shoes
  • Post mooves ( yes it's not a joke, Kyrie can create space inside the paint)
  • Athleticism (Really amazing, he can dunk with ferocity)
  • Playmaking and passing vision
  • Rebounding ( 72 - 74 - 75 )
  • Quickness
  • Dribbling
  • Defense, especially against others point guard
  • Hands
  • 20 HOF badges, with defensive stopper, greatly appreciated !

Weaknesses :

  • Size : Kyrie is 6'3 as you know
  • Low post defense : can't defend against fowards
  • Strength : 32

Optional comment : The card cart could be better

Recommended Strategy : Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post moves, scoring in transition, draw fouls ect .....

Use if : You are a fan of Kyrie Irving in his Cavaliers days, or want to play real basketball with a point guard against all this cheat

Don't use if : You are a noob who offball and plays fowards at point guard position

Bottom Line : Great improvement of the Pink Diamond version, this is the real CAVS Kyrie !

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    This card or opal westbrook


    Coming from someone who used both cards, I would use Westbrook. I currently use Westbrook as my starting point guard. They are almost the same card shooting wise because they both have limitless range and deep range deadeye hall of fame. However, being able to dunk is something huge in MyTeam or they will get blocked and I personally think Westbrook is the better card.


    Kyrie by a little, imo. Very fluid. You kind of can't go wrong but Kyrie basically moves like he's in the matrix


    I would say Opal Westbrook