Kyrie Irving opal card
99 Overall
  • 91 INS
  • 99 OUT
  • 99 PLY
  • 96 ATH
  • 96 DEF
  • 74 REB


Written by ReTTers

Hello everybody ! I'm a huge Kyrie fan, and i wasn't expecting this Galaxy Opal. As you know, Kyrie has already mutiples cards in this game, Amethyst, Diamonds and also 2 Pink Diamonds including a Limited one with 16 HOF badges ! So why a Galaxy Opal ? Because Kyrie deserve it ? For me yes. Every player can potentialy have a Galaxy Opal at this stage of the game, so why not for one of the best player in the world ? Let's see what this Kyrie Irving has in the store for us !

Bought for : 150,000 MT

Strengths :

  • Inside scoring
  • Shooting ability and consitency
  • Standing Shot 3pt : 99 without shoes
  • Post mooves ( yes it's not a joke, Kyrie can create space inside the paint)
  • Athleticism (Really amazing, he can dunk with ferocity)
  • Playmaking and passing vision
  • Rebounding ( 72 - 74 - 75 )
  • Quickness
  • Dribbling
  • Defense, especially against others point guard
  • Hands
  • 20 HOF badges, with defensive stopper, greatly appreciated !

Weaknesses :

  • Size : Kyrie is 6'3 as you know
  • Low post defense : can't defend against fowards
  • Strength : 32

Optional comment : The card cart could be better

Recommended Strategy : Drive 1v1, catch and shoot, mid range pull-up, post moves, scoring in transition, draw fouls ect .....

Use if : You are a fan of Kyrie Irving in his Cavaliers days, or want to play real basketball with a point guard against all this cheat

Don't use if : You are a noob who offball and plays fowards at point guard position

Bottom Line : Great improvement of the Pink Diamond version, this is the real CAVS Kyrie !

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